‘Covert Affairs’ 4.6 Episode Recap And Review: Caught Between A Rock And A Hard Place

Annie’s in the line of fire once again as FBI agent Vincent Rassabi returns to investigate the death of Seth Newman. Despite Joan’s clean sweep of Newman’s apartment following the incident, Seth’s murder has Walker written all over it, and everyone she’s associated with is a suspect. So now she must retrace her steps so as to not look suspicious. To do so, she enlists the help of her man, Auggie to hack into the agency’s DNA database. Unfortunately, time is not on their side because Vincent knows Annie is hiding something, so he places a rush order for the evidence, which only leaves two days for Anderson to work his magic.

Rossabi isn’t the only person Walker has to confront though. There’s also Calder and Henry who continue to grill her during the “Space (I Believe In) episode. The latter reveals that Auggie is lying to his better half, which could potentially jeopardize their relationship. Apparently, Helen Hansen (Anderson’s ex-wife) isn’t deceased after all and the two have been in contact lately. Why they’ve been conversing with each other is unclear, but Wilcox is determine to use that intel against Walker for not accepting his permanent job offer at Lexington Global.

The more Covert Affairs progresses, the more Henry’s motives become clear: he’s not really a bad guy – just a grief-stricken old fart who’s still mourning the loss of his family. Gregory Itzin has been doing fabulous job acting wise with his character this season, and the final scenes in “Space (I Believe In)” was some of the best he’s done in his career. The way he completely ripped Piper Perabo to shreds was hands down the best part of episode six.

It’s likely Walker is being lied to this season, and as of right now, it’s pretty obvious she doesn’t know who to trust. Here’s to hoping she figures about the truth sooner than later.

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