Will Arnett Coming To ‘Parks And Recreation’!

Gob Bluth is coming to Pawnee!

NBC has just confirmed to us that Amy Poehler’s husband, the also hilarious Will Arnett, is coming to Parks and Recreation this season.

He’ll come on board for one episode that will air in January. (Most likely Jan. 14, according to NBC, but no firm date has been set.)

This news comes after our report yesterday that Amy hinted Will might appear on her show. “I hope so,” she told fans at a recent Paley Festival event for P-Rex. “I think you will.”

So what is Will playing? Why is this the best TV news we’ve heard in a while? And what other guest star is coming on board?

According to NBC, Will is playing an “MRI tech,” which means that either someone we know and love in Pawnee is headed for the hospital (our money’s on the always klutzy Andy, aka Chris Pratt), or Will will have scenes with Ann (Rashida Jones) who works there as a nurse.

It also looks very likely that Justin Theroux may appear in the same episode as Arnett. Theroux, according to EW, is coming on to play a love interest for Amy’s character, Leslie Knope. Executive producer Greg Daniels tells us of this character, “Leslie wants to date an old friend of Ann’s, who she’s been saving, kind of put on hold.” Daniels told us he was casting two male guest stars for the ep.

The addition of Arnett, while only for one episode, adds further momentum to the second season of Parks and Recreation, which, in case you haven’t been watching, just keeps getting better and better. The storylines are solid, the one-liners hilarious, and the characters much more developed than in season one.

If you haven’t watched since last season, it is well worth your time to give Parks and Recreation another shot.

Are you watching P-Rex? And what do you think of Arnett coming on board?


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