‘Suits’ 3.6 Episode Recap And Review: What Goes Around Comes Back Around

Suits traveled back 10 years in “The Other Time” and provided some much-needed insight to the staff members of Darby, Pearson and Specter, formerly known as Gordon Schmidt and Van Dyke. Congrats, Harvey! You finally got your name on the door — even if that meant biting the hand that feeds you. If there’s anything to be learned from on Suits, it’s this:

  1. There is no honesty in law (Word to Jessica).
  2. History always repeats itself.

While suitors learn the reason behind Harvey’s resignation at Cameron Dennis’ office, it isn’t clear as to why Pearson and Hardman decided to form an alliance. Another uncertainty is what will become of her relationship with both Darby and Specter, now that she’s aware that they are conspiring against her. So far, what we do know is that Harvey and Donna’s relationship may never be the same again. Back when Harvey was a junior partner, he and his beloved secretary had a one-time fling, and instead of choosing to advance with her on a personal from, Specter ditched her like a bad habit, in exchange for a high-paying, high-powered corporate job. Money over b*tches appeared to be Harvey’s motto back then, but now that Donna has moved on with Stephen Huntley. What’s great about Donna and Harvey’s relationship is that despite their personal decisions, the two have always remained loyal to each other no matter how many times they fight or argue, and that’s downright awesome.

Paulsen and Specter dynamic aside, “The Other Time” did a fantastic job showing the similarities between Ross and Harvey. The same way Mike would turn to his Gram for advice, Specter would do the same with his dad, which was a nice way to show the main characters interacting with other people outside of work. The main staff members at Darby Pearson rarely step out of the office, so interactions with regular folk is always a nice touch.

The writers of Suits must have heard my complaints about why Mike never thought to go back to school while working for Harvey, because the scenes detailing Ross getting accepted to Harvard and the events that followed were completely unexpected. All this time I thought Mike was just some super smart pothead that refused to apply himself, and it was Trevor who held him back. Now that he’s leading a new lifestyle, one can only hope that he remembers to choose his friends wisely moving forward.

What were your thoughts about the Suits flashback episode? Have at it in the comments!


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  1. well like i said over in the forums, this was my favorite episode. love the harvey/donna flashback scenes. although would it have killed them to have shown ONE KISS? those two have such chemistry. love at the end of the ep harvey finally admitted that it bothered him that donna is with steven.