‘Necessary Roughness’ 3.10 Episode Recap And Review: The Smoking Gun

There’s a price to pay for greatness, and sometimes being the victor requires doing some things that you may not like. In the season three finale of Necessary Roughness, TK didn’t want to jeopardize the Bobcats’ chance at entering the playoffs, so he acted out in a last minute play that worsened his injury, practically ending his career. He also broke things off with Sheera, after finally realizing that she was only in a relationship for her own personal gain.

But despite the events that took place, Terrence still came out as a winner in the “Sympathy For The Devil” episode, because now he can finally have a shot at true love should USA Network decide to review the series. And though he may not ever earn a championship ring, at least he can say that he helped a losing team get there.

The same can be said for Dr. Santino, who had to get cheated on by her husband in the pilot, in order to find true love. She had good chemistry with Matt, but they were on different pages in life, so their relationship would have never panned out. Thankfully, Nico stood on the back burner, as these two are a match made in TV heaven. Throughout all Dani’s relationships and issues on the job, Careles was the only person she could rely on to get through the toughest of times and that was beneficial to her over time.

Unfortunately, you can’t always get what you want, and in the case of Connor McClane — who wanted the biggest agency in the sports and entertainment industry — he sold out his best man and had an employee killed, in exchange for success. And as a result, could be facing serious jail time. But was it all worth it? Unless the football drama is greenlit for more episodes, Necessary Roughness fans won’t be able to find out what happens next, but here’s an educated guess jus in case:

• Dani finds out that Nico is super rich during their trip to see Jeanette

• Terrence will go through some intense training with India (pun intended)

• Now that Abigail Bruce is CEO of V3, she could possibly resign Hutch when he gets out of the minor leagues

• Dr. D will take her talents to NJ and act as the Bobcat’s team therapist

What did you enjoy most about the Necessary Roughness season 3 finale? Do you want the show to return, and if so, what would you like to see happen?

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  1. I will be devestated if Necessary Roughness is not renewed. Come on USA Network, this is by far one of the best shows of the summer. We need TK, Dr. Dani and Nico back….

  2. PLEASE renew this awesome show!!!!!!!! It was so solid this season !! Loved seeing DaNico finally get together!! And TK maturing , and John stamos adding energy . I need a season 4!!!