‘Royal Pains’ 5.10 Episode Recap And Review: Personal Problems

The HankMed crew has been going through some serious sh*t lately. Evan and Paige are out of sync, and Hank’s addiction may cost him the merger. Also, while Divya is handling her pregnancy very well, the high stress levels between her co-works could have long-term effects if they don’t make peace.

It’s starting to become clear why Paige is so jealous of Evan and Divya’s relationship – he’s really self-absorbed. Everything is always about him, and the “Game Of Phones” episode was no different. I understand that it was his birthday, but I personally believe that he shouldn’t be expecting anything from anyone except his brother and wife. Speaking of expectations, I found it weird that Hank didn’t even acknowledge Evan’s born day once throughout the entire episode. Was he in that much pain that he forgot to mention it? And while I’m on the topic of Henry’s brain injury, I’d like to know what is the cause of his addiction? Is it because the merger with Symphony Health is taking longer than expected? Or, could it be because he’s never had a successful relationship with a single woman?

What are your thoughts Hamptonites? Share them below, and tune in to another episode of Royal Pains tonight on USA, at 9p EST!