‘Covert Affairs’ 4.7 Episode Recap And Review: Has The Annie And Auggie Ship Sailed For Good?

Annie and Auggie called it quits in “Crackity Jones”, but are they for real? In week six after Walker turned down Wilcox’s job offer at his new company, he told her she should ask Anderson the truth about his ex-wife. Seven days later, she surprisingly returns from the dead. As it turns out, Helen did not die after all; she simply faked her death to protect her man at the time – unbeknownst to Auggie. While its obvious Michelle Ryan’s character resurfaced to cause trouble between Walker and Anderson, it’s highly unlikely that this is the last we’ll see of them together. It appears that history is repeating itself per usual, and that Annie and Auggie’s break-up could be a ploy to throw Henry off of his game for a while. If Wilcox thinks that the two are no longer a couple, then he can no longer pose any threats.

Ultimately, Hansen was right to accuse Walker of making poor judgment calls for recent missions. When someone agrees to become a spy, everything that is done should be for the betterment of America, and decisions shouldn’t be made on the basis of personal feelings. At the same time though, the heart wants what the heart wants, so it wouldn’t be so shocking to assume that Annie is going to end up working with Calder to fake her death, which is what we saw during the season four premiere. And to be honest, Michaels isn’t the person who’s looking more and more suspicious these days; Teo Braga is.

Could Manolo Cardona and Gregory Itzin’s characters be working together on the show? Tune in to Covert Affairs tonight at 9p EST on USA to find out.


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