‘Graceland’ 1.10 Episode Recap And Review: Every Man For Himself

Warren’s confession to Paige about the Briggs investigation creates more tension between them, and Charlie’s decision to work with Rafael puts the entire house in danger. So much for the Zen Master trying to keep Graceland safe! Now that the bureau knows that Juan Badillo is missing, Paul must desperately try to cover his tracks, as all eyes are on him. But maintaining his cover is becoming increasingly difficult now that Mike has revealed why he was transferred to Graceland. So far, Briggs has gotten rid of Jangles’ corpse (or at least he thinks he did) and tipped Bello off about Mike being a Fed, so as to derail his assignment. Now all has to do is keep Charlie from questioning why he won’t help solve the case.

The plot just keeps getting thicker and thicker, and it’s getting harder and harder to tell if Briggs is on the right side of the law these days. Mid-way through the season, it looked as if Paul was being portrayed in a negative light, but with only two episodes left in the season, the sketchier he begins to look. I understand that his secrets are his burden, but at this point it may be time to ask for help in order to be proven innocent – especially now that Cortez knows Odin is an FBI agent. What I don’t understand is why Charlie agreed to work with him in the first place. This investigation is clearly out of his jurisdiction, making him appear even sketchier than Paul.

One thing I’ve noticed about Graceland these days is that everyone at the house has an “every man for himself mentality”. The sense of camaraderie between agents is essentially gone. Briggs and Charlie don’t see eye to eye anymore, Dale is getting angrier and angrier about not having a normal life, Paige doesn’t seem to trust Mike and Johnny just wants everyone to get along. Is it safe to say that this once- a close-knit-family is now dysfunctional? It’s seems like the lies on the job are becoming way too much to handle. Do you agree?

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