‘Covert Affairs’ 4.8 Episode Recap And Review: To Catch A Predator

Anderson and Walker get back together to bring down Henry after Teo receives intel about the bombing that killed his mother, while Calder continues to trail their every move. In episode seven, I suspected that Braga was working with Wilcox, but after finding out that he is the person who ordered his mom’s death, my theories about Covert Affairs this season have changed entirely. Henry isn’t grieving over his son’s death at all – he never even liked Jai to begin with as far as I can remember. In fact, he’s always been a bad seed, which becomes more and more obvious with each episode. But what’s not so obvious is why Calder Michaels is chasing after Annie and Auggie instead of helping them complete the mission. Is it possible that he’s in the dark about Wilcox’s involvement in recent events? Absolutely, but I find it hard to believe that a guy who can make a phone call to anywhere in the world for intel on suspects, isn’t privy to certain things.

Michaels was the youngest agent ever to hold a station chief position, and that kind of job requires a certain level of smarts. So how could he not know what Wilcox’s was up to? My guess is that he feels threatened by Anderson and Walker, because if they crack such a huge case, it would prevent him from climbing to the top of the corporate ladder at the agency. And no one gets in the way of a man with a master plan.

Who will capture Henry first? Let me know in the comments, and tune in to an all-new episode of Covert Affairs Tuesday at 9p EST, on USA.


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