‘Graceland’ 1.11 Episode Recap And Review: Against All Odds

After raising suspicions of murder at the bureau due to a missing FBI agent, Briggs realizes he can’t solve the Jangles case on his own and enlists the help his longtime friend to clear his name. Meanwhile, Agent Warren and Paige team up in hopes of proving Paul’s innocence once and for all, while Charlie and Johnny continue to investigate Odin. Teamwork makes the dream work, but unfortunately there won’t be happy endings for everyone at Graceland. The recording from Jaun’s Crown Vic is missing, Paul is on the run, and Charlie is working with a serial killer, and she doesn’t even realize it.

How will all of these scenarios play out in the season one finale? My guess is that once everyone finds out that Briggs is gone, Dale will report back to the house to explain the situation, and Mike and Paige will reveal that they’ve been secretly investigating him. Elsewhere, Charlie will duke it out with Cortez (because she already she knows he’s Jangles), someone will get hurt, and Paul will be forced to return as Odin and face Rafael – because you know, Demarco is his girl – in an effort to not let Graceland go down in flames like The Estate.

The end will result in Briggs killing Jangles in front of his housemates, and they’ll all be forced to confess to the bureau and lose their jobs. Or, the writers could shift into an entirely different direction, making the other five agents cover for Paul, and have him transferred out of Graceland for good, because he’ll be a wanted man once the Caza Cartel finds out their leader is dead. That is of course, if the agents don’t retire after all the madness, since they kept their feelings about their den father to themselves out of loyalty.

What do you think will happen in the season finale, Gracies? Share your theories below, and tune in to the final show down this Thursday, at 10p EST on USA.


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