‘Royal Pains’ 5.12 Episode Recap And Review: Conflict Avoidance

Paige continues to keep her marital issues with Evan to herself, Hank is still dancing around the idea that he may have been psychologically impaired while treating his patients, and Jeremiah still hasn’t told Divya about his crush. With only one episode left in season five, Royal Pains sure does have a lot of unresolved issues. Even though the election for Village Council is finally over (Congrats, Evan! You’re officially a politician now!), and the serialized plotline for Don and Molly seems to have ended, Hank is still being investigated by Symphony Health for his Hydrocodone addiction, and that Dr. Sacani has resigned from HankMed, so the future of Royal Pains is unclear. Will Dr. Lawson’s toxicology screening results cost him the merger, or will he finally be able to get on with life, and put the aftermath his craniotomy procedure behind him? And will Jeremiah continue on with his assertive streak, and spill the beans to Divya? Probably not, but thank goodness the series was renewed for one more season, so viewers have plenty of time to find out!

In an effort to keep the story stringing along until next season, I suspect that the writers will show Evan and his girlfriend (apparently folks who get married by a priest that’s been ordained online is illegal in Suffolk County) breaking up now that he’s a councilman because he simply wont have time for her – especially if Blythe Ballard is in charge of getting him up to speed on how to think and act like a politician. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if Dr. Van Dyke shows up, claiming that Shelby offered him the concierge position. It doesn’t seem far-fetched considering this isn’t the first incident where Henry’s medical practices have been questioned. After all, that is the basis for which Royal Pains was created in the first place, right?

Whether or not my theories turn out to be true or not, one’s thing’s for certain: fans can continue to expect more growth from our favorite Hamptonites. Divya’s expecting her first child, Paige has decide if she wants to salvage her relationship with Evan, and Hank will need to figure out how to keep the doors open for HankMed.

What are you looking forward to seeing on tonight’s season five finale of Royal Pains? Let me know in the comments!