‘Suits’ 3.9 Episode Recap And Review: Acting On Emotion Rather Than Logic

Just when Pearson Specter starts to clean the mess that Darby and his fixer left behind, in comes Ava Hessington again, this time with a lawsuit for malpractice. No wonder the ninth episode of Suits was called “Bad Faith” – everyone at the firm (myself included) thought all the drama was over for now, but nope. Thanks to Louis, the office was in more trouble when he failed to persuade Darby’s overseas clientele to sign with the U.S. branch instead. But I guess it serves them right. Harvey should have known Litt would screw up the negotiations regardless if it was unintentional – the man acts on emotion rather than logic.

Meanwhile, Ross decided to use Rachel as a pawn while attempting to negotiate a Folsom Foods with her father, and now she’s hinting at breaking up. It doesn’t help their situation either now that she got accepted to Stanford. But will she leave? I’m all for people who living out their dreams, but heading to The Valley wouldn’t be the smartest thing to do if she intends on practicing in New York. On the other hand, if Zane does leave, it would probably make Ross’ life much easier because I don’t see her keeping his secret much longer – she spent the majority of the episode complaining about things that annoy her (and we all know she’s not happy about her boyfriend being a fraud) – and this will give her time to forget about that. Additionally, not having Rachel on the show would allow the Louis-Katrina dynamic room to grow now that she’s back at the firm.

The previews for tonight’s mid-season finale show Jessica questioning Donna about Ross and Zane’s relationship. Think she’ll force them to call it quits? Let me know in the comments, and be sure to watch what happens next tonight at 10p EST on USA.


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