‘Outer Banks’ Star Chase Stokes Regrets His ‘Stranger Things’ Audition

Chase Stokes

Outer Banks star Chase Stokes auditioned for a fan-favorite role in Netflix Stranger Things. However, it didn’t go well, and now Stokes reveals how the audition left him with regret.

Stokes, 30, initially tried out for the role of Steve Harrington in Stranger Things. Though, the role would end up going to Joe Keery instead. Stokes recalls the experience and admits he was consumed with regret.

“I actually read for Steve Harrington, and I forgot all the lines and absolutely effed up. I drove eight hours from Atlanta back to Orlando regretting every moment of my life on that!” Stokes reveals.

However, the Outer Banks star did later appear on the streaming series. In the sixth episode of Season 1, Stokes had a guest role as Reed. And while it wasn’t a major part, Stokes was still incredibly grateful to the Duffer Brothers (creators of Stranger Things) for the opportunity.

Chase Stokes
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“I’m just thankful for the Duffer brothers for giving me an opportunity to, like, do my job and start my career. I mean, if it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be here.” Stokes confessed to Access Hollywood.

He also realizes just how good Joe Keery is in the role of Harrington. And notes that he and Keery have actually been in touch over the years.

“Joe Keery is an absolute legend, who is so good as Steve Harrington. I’m super proud of him. I’ve talked to him a little bit throughout the years!” Stokes says.

Meanwhile, as Stranger Things gets ready to head into production on its fifth and final season, Chase Stokes is currently starring in Outer Banks, which just released its third season on Netflix this week. How can we expect Stokes’ character, John B, to have evolved since season 2?

“More dirt and blood than usual,” Stokes says in an interview with InStyle


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