‘Graceland’ 1.12 Episode Recap And Review: It Isn’t Over Yet

Jangles is dead thanks to Warren, and Briggs is in the clear, but for how long? Paul may have been able to pin agent Juan Badillo’s death on the kingpin and set Quinn up to be Odin, but what will happen once the recording from Badillo’s Crown Vic (which suddenly found its way inside a local pawn shop) is sent to the bureau by those teenage boys? I’d imagine it wouldn’t be pretty considering the last episode ended with Briggs making a call to Mike in DC.

A lot of things didn’t add up in the Graceland summer finale, like why Charlie didn’t confront Briggs, who knew every single detail about her investigation into Odin. The fact that she ended up apologizing to Paul and then questioning her ability to be an agent leads me to believe that there is a possibility she will come to her senses and eventually turn on him next summer. I also would like to know what kinds of batteries were used in the recorder, which made it still function! And why did Jakes give Mike the number to Paul’s burner phone?

While it isn’t quite clear what will become of Graceland’s second season, I wouldn’t be surprised if Agent Warren leaves his desk job in the 202 to return to Cali with the housemates since it was pretty obvious that the Deputy Director position is not as exciting or fulfilling as he had hoped. Plus, there’s a fine-looking girl out that that certainly misses him to pieces and her name isn’t Abby. So it would make sense that Mike and Paige hooked now that she knows everything about him – he’d be able to be himself without having to lie, unless the phone call from Paul had anything to do with him lying in the interrogation room.

Briggs did say at Graceland, your lies are your lives, so it’ll be interesting to see how DJ handles the aftermath of helping him cover his ass.

What are your likes and dislikes about Graceland’s season one summer finale? Any ideas as to what will take place in season two?


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  1. yeah i agree i don’t see mike staying at his dc job for long. it is clear he is missing the west coast and his friends he made out there at the glaceland home. i really hope charlie comes to her senses and realizes paul isn’t who he claims to be and that she is a better agent than she realizes. she needs to put her feelings for him aside and seek the truth.