‘Covert Affairs’ 4.10 Episode Recap and Review: Farewell Annie Walker And Hello Jane Doe

The Covert Affairs mid-season finale took an interesting turn when Head of DPD Calder Michaels agreed to help Annie Walker fake her death, but what will become of the show once it returns in October? So far we know that Eyal (Oded Fehr) is in on the whole operation, as he was shown in the back of the ambulance, in which our favorite spy-girl’s limp body was wheeled into. He then injects her with a serum that causes her to awaken, moments before she says her goodbyes and disappears. We also saw Henry Wilcox as well as the entire agency witness Annie’s demise, but does he really believe she’s gone? If you remember, right after Walker declined Henry’s job offer at Lexington Global in episode six, she let it be known that she intends to take him down, so I highly doubt he fell for that trick.

Once Wilcox realizes that a dead corpse had not been found, I’d imagine that he’ll send a few moles to find Annie. Since that Walker will be on the run for the remainder of the season, what does that mean for Arthur, Joan and Auggie? The latter watched as our heroine was gunned down on camera, but was he just playing along or is he really in the dark? This isn’t the first time Anderson lost a girlfriend, so I’m pretty sure he knows what’s up. Will he infiltrate the agency to help Annie on her off-the-books mission, while she and Eyal work together to prove that Wilcox can’t be trusted at Langley?

Also, what does all this mean for the Walkerson relationship, now that Annie’s Israeli boy-toy is back in the picture? Will she be caught up in a love triangle?

Let me know in the comments, and be sure to watch Covert Affairs when it returns from hiatus on October 17.


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  1. I don’t think Eyal is ‘back’ in the sense of working with Annie to take down Henry. Annie left him to go into hiding. I suspect Auggie and Calder are going to be Annie’s primary support team. Eyal might get a call but I think she’s going to be pretty much on her own. Money is going to be the difficulty. I suspect Calder will have to find ways to cover her with funding.

    Joan and Arthur don’t know she’s alive, or probably won’t until near the end of the fall season. I think Auggie watching them grieve will be very hard on him.

    I would not want to be the guy that took over for Joan. He looks like he’s either Henry’s stooge or dumber than a box of rocks. Neither is going to be good for him.