‘Suits’ 3.10 Episode Recap And Review: Love And Loyalty

When Suits returns in January 2014, the next episode should be titled “Girlfriend Problems,” because come wintertime, Litt, Ross and Specter will be in the doghouse with their female counterparts. During the 2013 mid-season finale, Harvey proposed to offers to Scottie: to stay in his life, and work alongside him at the firm. But Jessica’s the head b*tch in charge, and she’ll be damned if another woman comes for her title. Meanwhile Louis’ boo-thing Sheila tells him that she wants to be exclusive right before he goes behind her back and betrays her trust, when he goes digging through the file cabinet of all the Harvard Law graduates, despite her instructions to stay put. As he snoops around, Litt realizes that Mike Ross’ credentials are nowhere to be found. Elsewhere Pearson interrogates Donna on the status of Rachel and Mike’s relationship, and she ends up forcing them to call it quits, or have Zane sign an affidavit should his secret get out.

We all know that Scottie has her own goals and ambitions, so if Harvey wants her to work with him and she can’t make senior partner, that could be a deal breaker for their relationship. In the event that she does leave Specter, will Paulsen be the one to mend his broken heart? Also, it’s no secret, that Louis’ character has been dragged through the mud since the start of the program, so if he does find out that the firm’s golden boy is a fraud, I doubt he will keep that information a secret – unless Jessica decides to put his name on the door. That is of course if Rachel doesn’t step in to save her man, by creating some sort of fake legal document that validates his credentials as a lawyer. Otherwise if she can’t do that, she might as well flee to Stanford, right? It’s not like Mike offered to quit his job at Pearson Specter just so they can be together without any issues.

So what’s going to happen during the winter premiere of Suits? Will work get in the way of love? Add your two cents in the comments!