‘The Last of Us’ and ‘The Mandalorian’ Star Pedro Pascal Admits Fanbase Is “Overwhelming” But He Loves It!

Pedro Pascal

The Last of Us and The Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal admits it can get “overwhelming” coping with his massive fanbase. However, he absolutely loves his fans.

Pascal, 47, is on fire right now, appearing in two fan-favorite series. He plays Joel in The Last of Us, the post-apocalyptic drama series based on the video games of the same name. And, of course, he plays the titular role in The Mandalorian, which has just returned for its third season on Disney+. 

“It can get overwhelming when I really think about it. But I love the fans. I love the connection I have with them through these shows and the passion and enthusiasm they have for the material. I’m very grateful to have played a part in such huge worlds.” Pascal says to New Idea Magazine.

The former Game of Thrones star also admits that he begged to be a part of The Last of Us. Why? He really wanted to work with 19-year-old Bella Ramsey. Ramsey also rose to fame from her role on Game of Thrones, playing Lyanna Mormont in the HBO fantasy series.

Pedro Pascal Really Wanted to Work with Bella Ramsey

While both actors had appeared in the series, neither had been on set at the same time.

During a recent interview, Pascal was asked if he knew Ramsey prior to filming: “Not from being on set together, no. We both had very different elements to fulfill on ‘Game of Thrones.’ But, as a fan, I loved Bella. When I found out she was already signed up, I practically begged to play Joel.”

Pascal was also asked what he could tease for this season of The Mandalorian. And despite being asked that question multiple times, he coyly replies with the same answer.

“All I can say is that it’s going to be truly amazing. Everyone is going to love it. I’m excited!” Pascal teases.


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