‘The Vampire Diaries’ 5.02 Recap and Review: True Lies

My mind is reeling! This episode of The Vampire Diaries was jam-packed with action, sexual tension, and epic one-liners. Not to mention jaw-dropping twists and turns! While Elena (Nina Dobrev) continues to unravel the conundrum of her dead roommate, Jeremy (Steven McQueen) and Matt (Zach Roerig) take on the task of babysitting a sickly human Katherine. Meanwhile, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) tries desperately to stop Silas and find Stefan (Paul Wesley). As I said before, jam-packed!

First, let’s discuss Caroline (Candice Accola) and Elena’s horrendous attempt at college life. Its been a few days and the duo are already mixed up in a lot. After doing some research, Elena finds that the extremely attractive Microbiology professor, Professor Wes Maxfield (Rick Cosnett), ties into this whole university-vampire-dead roommate-mess. This prompts the two to transfer into his class, even though it’s for upperclassmen, to spy and learn a bit about Professor Dickfield (as he’s been known to be called). Doing this only gets them kicked out of class, though. And as if Elena couldn’t have had an even worse day, Silas shows up… Pretending to be Stefan. In the midst of trying to find Jeremy, Silas also ends up spilling all of Damon’s screw ups while she’s been away at college. Oops. After he gets the information he wants, he compels Elena to channel her anger towards Damon into full on blood-lust.

While that train wreck ensues, Jeremy and Matt are stuck on Katherine duty. Quickly realizing that Silas has the whole town searching for Katherine, the trio find camp in the woods… Sadly, Silas is right on their tails, and finds Matt alone. Thinking his compulsion can work, he tries to get Matt to remain quiet, only to be surprised when Matt yells a warning to get Katherine to safety. Silas realizes that someone is already in Matt’s head and, although he’s curious, Silas still takes it upon himself to kill Matt for his defiance. Luckily, he was wearing that handy-dandy Gilbert ring! Matt ends up being put in the in-between supernatural purgatory after Silas kills him, and runs into Bonnie (Kat Graham)! Matt is hit with the revelation that Bonnie is dead, and has been all summer. I loved these series of scenes. I mean, Bonnie and Jeremy are cute, but having her being able to interact with someone else was refreshing, and I feel the audience could tell how much this affected Bonnie. One thing that I also wanted to point out– when Matt hugged Bonnie, she could actually feel it. The thought breaks my heart. In the end, Matt finds his body and says goodbye to Bonnie. Sadly, once he comes back to life, his time in the supernatural purgatory with Bonnie will be erased, which means he’ll also forget that she’s dead. While Matt was temporarily dead, Katherine and Jeremy faced off Silas… For once in Katherine’s life, she actually put herself in danger for someone else. I was shocked, and I’m actually loving this character development. Funny how during the last episode, she almost killed Jeremy, and now she’s shooting Silas in hopes of saving him.

In the end, Silas’ compulsion almost forced Elena to kill Damon, but was defeated once she thought of Stefan. Between torturing Damon and the dreams she’s been having of Stefan, I can see trouble in this relationship. By the end of the episode, Liz finds the coffin Stefan had been locked in for months. Unfortunately, when Liz, Elena, and Damon opened it, there was no sign of Stefan… Instead, a body drained of blood laid in his place. It looks like the Ripper is back!

If that wasn’t shocking enough, Silas ends up running into Nadia (Olga Fonda) and Gregor (Hans Obma), the gypsies who bombarded Matt in the previous episode. They both seemed to be on the same side, the side against Silas, until Nadia killed Gregor and revealed she had her own agenda. This should be interesting.

So far, so epic. This season of The Vampire Diaries is definitely shaping into one of greatness. I’m so happy that Paul Wesley is getting to show his dark side, which I feel is his best side. Every time he shows up on screen, I get filled with excitement. Also, Bonnie’s storyline is turning out more interesting than I thought it would. Her relationship with Jeremy is so unhealthy, but I’m totally digging it. Is it horrible that I want Matt to die more frequently just so that he can chat with her? At first, I was worried that by taking out the Originals from the TVD cast would end in disaster, but maybe the lack of characters is a good thing for the show. Better concentrations on storylines and such. Two episodes in and this season is already better than the last one.



  • Thoughts on True Lies?
  • Are you excited to have the Ripper back?
  • Any theories on Nadia’s agenda?


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