‘Arrow’ 2.02 Episode Recap and Review: Identity

China White is back and she’s brought a friend in this episode of Arrow.

Things aren’t getting any better out in the Glades. FEMA has been sending trucks of medicine to Glades Memorial Hospital, only to have them hijacked by China White and her new crony, Bronze Tiger. Roy makes a valiant effort at stopping one of the heists, but ends up wrecking his car and being brought in by the Starling City PD. Laurel takes this opportunity to grill him about the Hood, but to no avail.

Ollie, having heard about the FEMA heists from Roy, heads down to the Glades to check out the hospital. On his way out, he’s intercepted by Sebastian Blood, the media, and an angry mob. Ollie escapes and asks Blood to meet with him at Queen Consolidated. They bury the axe long enough to plan a benefit for the Glades. Gee, I hope this doesn’t backfire painfully…

Ollie goes out as the Hood to try to stop the medicine thieves, only to be thwarted by the SCPD. In order to find out what’s been going on and why the SCPD have their Hood-hate on again, he ducks into the D.A.’s office to talk to Laurel. As it turns out, Laurel’s angry that the Hood was off having a grudge match with Malcolm Merlyn instead of saving Tommy’s life. She swears to bring the Hood to justice. Ouch.

Ollie gets yet another objective lesson in the difficulties of balancing the life of a CEO with that of a vigilante. In order to stop China White and Bronze Tiger, he has to ditch his own benefit. The Hood is able to take China White down and restore the medical services to the Glades, but at the cost of Oliver Queen’s public image. Sebastian Blood crucifies Ollie in the media for disappearing, making him practically Public Enemy #1.

Meanwhile, things between Thea and Roy have been pretty rocky. Thea gives Roy an ultimatum: stop playing hero or stop coming anywhere near her. Roy appears to be choosing to stay out on the streets, but the Hood convinces him otherwise. Roy goes back to Thea and Verdant with the mission of being the Hood’s eyes and ears in the Glades.

Ollie dons the hood to try and talk to Laurel one more time. It turns out to be a huge mistake when Laurel calls in the waiting cavalry, leaving Ollie surrounded by a fully-armed SWAT team. Fade to black on Ollie’s “Well, hell…” face.

Glory be, I think I’m interested in the Island again! There’s a mystery afoot, Scoobies, and I’m betting we’re in for a lot of not-good before it’s solved. I’m trying so very hard not to get too attached to either Slade or Shado, largely because neither one of them appeared to be on the island when Ollie was rescued. That, combined with the fact that I’ve grown attached to the characters, can only mean bad things for their respective futures (I’m looking at you, Tommy).

I like the route they’re taking with Roy this time, making him work smarter instead of harder on the road to becoming what I can only assume we’re going to be calling Red Arrow (seeing as how “Speedy” has been taken). It’s definitely not going to go down well with Thea, though, especially if she believes that Roy stayed at Verdant because the Hood asked him to. So much drama ahead on Arrow!

Best Quote:
Digg: “It could be worse. My secret identity is a black driver.”

Digg: “You know, we’re getting dangerously close to hug territory here, so I’m gonna fall back.”

Things to Ponder:

  • Well, there’s the obvious: How’s Ollie going to get out of this one?
  • I’m looking forward to seeing how the show treats the Brother Blood character. Think there will be others lining up to take his place, should Sebastian kick it?
  • Wouldn’t you think that the FEMA trucks would have police escorts after the first couple got taken out?


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