‘Once Upon A Time’ 3.06 Episode Recap and Review: Ariel

Without a doubt, ‘Ariel’ is the best episode of this season so far as it took Once Upon a Time to new level. Ariel’s character is one of the characters that they have adapted the best out of all the Disney heroes and villains.

In this episode, Peter Pan has started another game, giving to Hook information that could separate everyone on the island.

Neal is alive and Hook decides to tell David and Mary Margaret the truth. At first instance they try to hide the information from Emma, but Snow finally says the truth. They are disposed to save Neal first, leaving Henry’s rescue postponed.

Regina is not going to join them, she wants to save Henry above everyone else. She appears just in time to save Rumple from himself! Rumpelstiltskin was talking with shadow-Bella. She reveals the true essence of the shadow to Rumple and then, they start planning how to destroy Peter Pan, without killing him.

The Dark One remembers an object which can create a place where Peter Pan can stay forever without annoying anyone. But, this object is in Storybrooke…

Elsewhere on the island, Emma, Charming, Snow and Hook finally find Neal. He’s in the Echo Cave, and for save him they will have to tell their darkest secrets. Thanks to Hook for all the information.

The dark secrets:

  • When Hook kissed Emma, that was the first time he has ever believed he could let go of Mila and love again.
  • Snow is the second one telling secrets. She has lost everything with Emma and when they are back to Storybrooke, she wants to be mother again.
  • Charming can’t go home, he almost died and now cannot leave the island.
  • Emma was terrified when she heard Neal was still alive. She will always love him but part of her hoped he was dead because that would have been easier than dealing with all of this pain.
  • The cage disappears and Neal is free to go away.
  • How are they going to deal with the Charming-situation?

Snow White was running away from the Evil Queen, she jumps off a cliff and Ariel saves her life from dying under the sea. It’s in this moment when we start knowing about Ariel’s story. She fell in love with Eric when she saved him from death too, and tonight, in the annual Under the Sea celebration she has the chance to meet him. The Ursula mythology was one of the strongest elements in this episode. Luckily for Ariel, this mythical Ursula did leave her mermaids a gift. Once a year, mermaids who wash ashore will gain legs for 12 hours.

The friends attend the ball, and Prince Eric recognizes Ariel from his dreams, so the connection is immediate. He is planning to sail off to explore new worlds, and he asks Ariel to go with him.

But Ariel is a mermaid and she asks for help to the goddess Ursula, because if she tells her real life to the prince, he may hate her. Regina appears as Ursula and convinces her to give to Snow a bracelet, which will bring Ariel the chance to have legs forever and turn Snow into a mermaid.

Has Regina won? Not at all. Ariel finally saw the lies and help Snow to escape, once again. Ariel still returns to the castle in time to see Eric before he sets sail, but Regina steals her voice before she can call out and tell him the truth. Her chance at true love is gone.

Back in the island, Regina brings Rumple to the beach where she blows that same shell that Neal used to summon the octopus. Instead of a monster, she calls Ariel. Regina gives Ariel her voice back and offers her legs in return for her help, revealing one more secret: Prince Eric is in Storybrooke!

Best quotes:
David: Sometimes secrets protect the people we love.

Peter Pan: Have you forgiven your father?

Emma: I was hoping you were dead, because it will be easier for me to put you behind me, than to face all the pain that we have been through all over again.

Things to Ponder:
– What’s happening with Henry? We didn’t know anything about him in this episode. Is he already a lost boy?


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  1. Since Emma, Snow & Regina were able to contact Henry in last week’s episode, he knows they’re on the island and has hope that they’ll all be reunited. Looking forward to next week’s ep.
    Thanks for the review.