‘Once Upon a Time’ 3.11 Episode Recap and Review: Going Home

This week’s Once Upon A Time episode jumped straight into action! The new curse was a game changer.

Peter Pan continued his reign of indifference and evil as he cast the curse. He had no problem using his most loyal Lost Boy, Felix, by ripping his heart from his chest and crumpling it to dust. As usual Rumpel had a plan, but he needed the Black Fairy’s wand to make it happen.

When Henry and Peter Pan’s bodies switched back, Pan rejoiced in making his own son cower and taunted him by trying to make him feel like the village coward once again. But Rumpelstiltskin has come a long way, and the transformation has felt genuine. As Rumpel looked down at the band on his wrist that wouldn’t allow him to use magic, I really thought he was going to cut his own hand off to defeat dear old dad.

Instead, he called for his dagger and used it to kill his father, but he had to die in the process. He was able to make the ultimate sacrifice and break all of our hearts. Poor Belle. She’d just gotten Rumpel back and her love made him a better man…

After Rumpel’s death, it all came down to Regina. But there was a price to be paid…

But let’s talk about the flashbacks before continue.

We saw how Tinker and Hook have met in the past, in Neverland. How scared Snow was before the curse was released in first time and the unbreakable hope Blue Fairy has. It was enlightening to see how Henry was before he got the storybook and compare it to the Henry we met in season one; the short flashback emphasized the difference that hope can make in a person.

We have also seen Rumpel celebrating all alone Bae’s birthday, and Belle appearing just in the best moment…

Back to Storybrooke, Regina have to forfeit Henry because breaking the curse, all of them will return to their origin, except Herny for being born here and Emma for being the savior.

Regina gave Emma and Henry the past they should have had, even if it was only in their minds. Full of great memories. It may have been a lie but their future together would be the truth. In the end, Regina got over herself to do what was best for her son.

The one year time jump surprised me, it was a smart decision.

You know Emma and Henry have settled into their new life and become accustomed to a certain sense of normal. Until a strange knock at the door revealed a pirate with a hook. Hook’s a determined man and somehow he’s found a way back to the real world to save Emma’s family from some grave danger. I loved that he kissed her. He was hoping that true love’s kiss would unlock her memories.

This episode was one hell of a ride that took most of our favorites back to the Fairy Tale world and left two of them out on their own.

Have you enjoyed (and cried) with the winter finale? I personally can’t wait 82 days until we can see the new episode. Yes, I made a countdown!

Once Upon A Time will be back next year, 9th of March.

Best Quote:
Rumplestiltskin – Villains don’t get happy endings.

Things To Ponder:

  • They killed the shadow in an easy way. Fire is all it took? Okay…
  • The new curse it’s a sign of how the series has become stronger over three seasons. Making them all go back to fairy tale world is a fascinating choice, and it should be interesting to see what and who has changed and where they are.
  • Had we ever heard of the Black Fairy before? Interesting


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  1. Excellent episode especially the flashback scenes. I agree that it seemed too easy to destroy the shadow. Marking 9 March on the calendar!