‘Being Human’ 4.01 Episode Recap and Review: Old Dog, New Tricks

Being Human is back and crazier than ever!

Just to remind you where we left things last season: Josh and Nora finally tied the knot in front of friends and family. While out on their rustic cabin honeymoon, they’re kidnapped by Liam, who is subsequently killed by Aidan. A few days later, Nora wakes up from her wolfy time to discover that Josh is awake as well, but still a wolf. Meanwhile, back at the house, Aidan just misses seeing his late wife Suzanna get out of a cab, and ghost-witch Donna destroys Sally’s deathspot, dragging them both down into what looks like a bottomless chasm.

So now we’re back, three months later, and life in the chasm doesn’t seem so bad. Donna and Sally are relaxing at a fantastic spa without a care in the world and with surprisingly little animosity. Of course, because this is Being Human the spa is definitely not a spa. In fact, it’s a creation of Sally’s mind. Destroying Sally’s deathspot has erased her way home, so both she and Donna are trapped in this kind of limbo until Donna says so. Donna has no plans to take them home any time soon, since Sally’s powers are kind of wacky and Donna thinks she should be locked away “for her own good.” Sally realizes that if her own deathspot was one way back, Donna’s must be another. She jumps into a whirlpool of blood and pops out in the Being Human equivalent of Costco, which was evidently built on the site of a good witch-hanging tree.

Nora and Aidan have been a bit busy, as well. Every day, Aidan plays ‘tag’ with wolf-Josh in order to run him down enough to hang out in a silver-lined stable. As it turns out, Josh’s werewolf-ness has kind of reversed. He’s now only human during the full moon and a wolf the rest of the time. This gives him only about 30 minutes per month with both he and Nora fully human and able to be together. Very Ladyhawke. The wolf time is taking its toll, though. Josh feels like a burden to Aidan and to Nora and wants Aidan to just end it all by stabbing him with a silver knife they keep on hand for emergencies. Aidan refuses, of course, and wants Josh to talk to Nora about it.

Aidan has responsibilities of his own back in town. Kat has a faculty function to attend and wants her loving boyfriend at her side. Kat’s not the only familiar face there, though. Suzanna pops up and chats with Kat while Aidan is elsewhere. Aidan thinks he sees her, but since he’s pretty sure his wife has been dead for over 150 years, he brushes it off and takes Kat home so that he can dream of happyfunsexytimes with both Kat and Suzanna. Kinky!

He’s woken from aforementioned dream by an extremely enthusiastic and newly-returned Sally. Aidan takes Sally out to the camper compound where he’s been staying with Nora and wolf-Josh. There’s a happy reunion with Nora before Sally goes to check on Josh, who seems to have taken matters into his own hands. As a human, he deliberately failed to lock himself into the stable, thus creating the “emergency” that would cause Aidan to kill him. He wasn’t counting on Sally coming back from limbo with new, fantastic witchy powers. She pens wolf-Josh in with a wall of fire until Nora can tranq him. The power’s a bit much for her though, and she disappears into another time and place.

Meanwhile, back in Boston, Blake the red-headed vampire is trolling for recruits at Aidan’s hospital. He kicks her out, but not before hearing her warning that the hierarchy in Boston has undergone some serious changes. Has it ever! Blake has a new boss: none other than the no-longer-mutated Kenny!

Oh, how I’ve missed you, Being Human! One of the things I always look forward to from this show is a WTF premiere episode. Granted, that’s usually because it’s been preceded by a “What? Noooo!!” season finale. As far as I’m concerned, this season is no different. This episode was a roller coaster. An awesome, scary, angsty roller coaster.

How long are poor Josh and Nora going to be playing Ladyhawke? We know they’ve been dealing with this for three months already. That’s a hell of a honeymoon. Josh’s attempted “suicide by cop” was just heart-wrenching, I thought. Hopefully they’ll find their way out of this crazy sooner rather than later. It’s an interesting problem to deal with, but I wouldn’t want to see the doomed love story dragged out for an entire season.

Can’t wait to see what the rest of season 4 holds!

Best Quote:
Josh: “You are a very high-maintenance vampire and I don’t have the energy to deal with you.”

Sally: “You’re maybe a thousand and one years old and you drink blood. I thought maybe you could go with me on this one!”

Things to Ponder:

  • So Susannah is making contact. 1) How did she survive all these years? 2.) What is this going to do to Aidan’s relationship with Kat?
  • What the frak did Sally witness in the creepy hallway??


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