‘Lost Girl’ 4.01 Episode Recap and Review: In Memoriam

Lost Girl is back, but it looks like Bo isn’t. What gives?

Alright, so it’s been a while. Here’s where we left off last year. Hale has been deposed as the Ash, and the Morrigan has declared all ‘claimed’ humans terrorists, including and especially Kenzi. Lauren is on the lam from fae-kind in general, having ditched the Light Fae to work with Taft and then sabotaging him when he turned out to be all kinds of evil. Most of the fae that Taft was holding captive escaped, including Dyson and Aife (who had gone more than a little off the tracks.) Tamsin came over to Bo’s side, but she and Dyson ended up careening off a cliff. Meanwhile, Bo finds herself back at the Dál, where she’s scooped up and carried off by the Wanderer, leaving only the tarot card that now bears her image.

Kenzi’s been buying black market sparkle powers from Massimo and has gotten herself into quite a bit of debt, but at least it’s been keeping her flying under the anti-human radar so far. Hale is in geeky, stammering love with her, but Kenz and Dyson seem to have their own special connection at the moment. They’re working out this mess-up love triangle when Kenz catches a new case for her solo PI business. It’s a remarkably sane Aife, and she’s looking for the daughter that she isn’t entirely certain she has. Kenz and Dyson agree to take the case when Aife shows them the recuerdo coil in her eye, a sure sign that something has mess with her memories.

After a brief chat with Trick about the Una Mens, the new fae council in town, the dynamic duo pay a visit to Dr. Snook, a fae who specializes in memory alteration. He’s not their guy, but he’s at least able to tell that Aife isn’t the only one whose memories are missing. As it so happens, the only way to get those memories back (other than finding out who actually altered them in the first place) is to smash the Recuerdo compass, currently held by a large, reclusive, Dark fae snake demon who just so happens to hold a massive mixer once a year.

Dyson leans on Vex, the new Morrigan, to snag three invites. Vex isn’t pleased about the leaning, especially since it’s done with the fact that the previous Morrigan is still alive and trapped somewhere behind the walls of Vex’s office. I’m sure that won’t be a problem later in the episode.

Dyson, Hale, and Kenzi get into the party easily enough, but in order to get the compass from the snake demon, Kenzi’s going to have to get chosen as his special bachelorette for the evening. She pulls off a totally hot three-way tango, netting herself the final rose. While she’s off with being okay with Takei, Vex clears the rest of the room to exact a little revenge on Dyson and Hale. He knows that his memories are gone, but fears that their return will mean the loss of his new Morrigan status. Since Dyson is a tank and Hale has a great ranged attack, it doesn’t go well for Vex.

Kenzi uses her one wish from the snake demon to get the compass, even though he alludes to the fact that he could just bring Bo back right then. Kenzi escapes from the demon and smashes the compass, bringing back everyone’s memories of Bo. Now that they’ve remembered her, they just have to find her again.

Okay, so the first episode kicked off the season a little slowly, but I’m not going to argue with anything involving George Takei. Still, I would have liked a little more information about Bo’s whereabouts, as well as why the rest of the gang was made to forget her presence. It seemed a little odd to me that no one was even curious about who had erased their memories once said memories had returned.

I’m interested to hear more about the Una Mens. I can only assume that they’re going to turn out to be the season’s big bad, once we’ve got Bo back. Their raison d’être seems to be restoring order to the fae world, and Bo is nothing if not a force of chaos. We’ll definitely be seeing some epic clashes there.

All the accolades to Ksenia Solo, Kris Holden-Ried, and K.C. Collins for that epic tango, by the way. Other than Takei’s performance, that was probably my favorite part of the whole episode.

Best Quotes:
Hale: “Do all terrorists smell like sunflowers and chardonnay?”

Kenzi: “Friends to the end, bros before hos, pals at the Dál!”

Things to Ponder:

  • Not to be overly obvious, but where the heck is Bo? Also, where the heck is Tamsin?
  • Now they’ve fixed the memory problem, but they never figured out who altered their memories in the first place. Thoughts?
  • I’ve been watching too much Syfy. The recuerdo compass and Rheticus’s compass are not the same thing, even if a good dunk in purple goo would have solved the problem just as well.


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