‘Being Human’ 4.02 Episode Recap and Review: That Time of the Month

Sally has ideas on how to help Josh on this week’s episode of Being Human!

Susanna has shown up on Aidan’s doorstep, but she can’t get past the threshold. Guess we know how she managed to survive the last two centuries, then! They go for a walk and talk things out. Aidan has some serious angst over abandoning Isaac once Susanna died. She assures him that Isaac died a grandfather. She also reveals that Bishop is the one who turned her, but decided that she wasn’t good enough to be with Aidan anymore. Not cool, Bishop.

Back out in the woods, Nora is worried that Josh is starting to lose his humanity. Sally thinks she can help using Donna’s magic, but Nora isn’t exactly thrilled with the idea. Aidan’s pretty firmly anti-magic when they ask his opinion. By that time, however, Nora just wants her husband back and agrees to let Sally try a spell from Donna’s newly rediscovered grimoire. The spell produces a silver dagger that has to go through Josh’s wolfy heart. Nora volunteers to do it, but Josh goes on the attack and the actual stabbing falls to Aidan. Josh’s wolf falls down dead and Sally gets thrown back in time to the day the boys moved into the house.

Nora and Aidan aren’t left mourning for long, as Josh ends up reaching a fully human hand out of the mouth of the dead wolf. Aidan uses the dagger to cut Josh out of the wolf corpse, bringing a human, if somewhat shell-shocked Josh back into the world. (I’ll admit, my first thought when that happened was “and I thought they smelled bad on the outside!”) Sally finds her way back to the barn and is a little freaked out that they pulled Josh from the wolf, since the spell wasn’t finished yet. Surely this will have no ramifications whatsoever.

With Josh bathed and back home, Aidan takes a little “me” time to go see Susanna. She’s obviously on edge about something, since she answered the door with a cross-shaped stake. Aidan doesn’t seem to notice. She says that it’s been 200 years since they were wed, and she’s more than willing to let bygones be totally platonic bygones now. Aidan leaves to have a very sweet scene with Kat, while we stay to learn the truth about Susanna. Bishop kept her away from Aidan because of Isaac. Her original plan to stay away from human blood didn’t work out terribly well, and her very first feed was Isaac himself. It seems that Susanna has been punishing herself for that lapse every night for 200 years.

Yay, Josh is back in human form! I enjoyed last week’s episode, but the show is so much better when the group dynamic is really in play. Thank heavens that they chose to get everyone back in the house and on the same page this quickly, rather than having one of the main characters effectively incommunicado (I’m looking at you, Lost Girl).

I’m still interested to see where Sally’s story is going to go this season. Magic use in Being Human seems to be like using an Artifact in Warehouse 13. There’s always a downside, and it’s usually for the person using it in the first place. It looks like we might already be seeing hints of that downside in Josh, but I’m betting there’s going to be some interesting backlash for Sally, as well.

Best Quote:
Susanna: “You speak differently.”
Aidan: “You’re wearing pants.”

Things to Ponder:

  • So Sally’s being thrown back in time. Can she only observe, or will she be able to change things at some point?
  • Quick question: who would be able to invite Susanna into the house?
  • Close contender for “Best Quote” this week was the scene in which Aidan admits to being able to tell when Nora is having her monthly visit from Miss Scarlett. I didn’t want to write out the entire thing, since so much of the beauty of the scene was in facial expressions, but I don’t think I stopped laughing for a good five minutes.


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