‘The Originals’ 1.10 Episode Recap And Review: The Casket Girls

The winter premiere of The Originals featured a very key theme: Girl Power. And it was resplendent. While tying in the tale of the Casket Girls, the audience was able to see Sophie (Daniella Pineda) team up with Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin), while Davina (Danielle Campbell) teamed up with Rebekah (Claire Holt) and Cami (Leah Pipes). Let’s just say our three lead men of the show definitely got screwed over by these powerful ladies, making this episode every bit of badass.


Poor Elijah (Daniel Gillies) is so smitten by Hayley that he didn’t even realize her betrayal! It’s obvious that Hayley’s snooping will eventually lead to a blowout, and call me cynical, but I can’t wait to watch it pan out. Sophie asks Hayley to snoop into Elijah’s past to uncover where he buried Celeste Dubois, an old lover who he promised to keep hidden from the wrath of the supernatural. She baits Hayley by revealing that Celeste’s lineage is directly linked to Hayley’s, being the witches who cursed her family with the mark years ago. Hayley came to New Orleans in the first place to discover more about her family, a baby bump and a gorgeous Original with flawless hair won’t stop her now. After digging into Elijah’s past journal entires, she uncovers a very cryptic location. Regardless, by the episodes end, Sophie found exactly what she was looking for. Unfortunately, after Elijah pieces together a jumbled drawing of an evil omen, courtesy of Davina’s epic artistic skills, Hayley realizes that giving the location of Celeste’s grave could have dire consequences. Backstabbing always comes with a price.

Klaus and Marcel:

Let’s face it, we love to hate Klaus (Joseph Morgan). It’s obvious that he deserves every bit of backstabbing, but still. His was delivered courtesy of Rebekah AND Cami. I was slightly surprised by this, only because Rebekah seemed to show a bit of remorse the last time she betrayed him, but regardless, they did it! After finding out that Davina escaped, Klaus took it upon himself to send out a search team… All while the witches tried tracking Davina down as well. With Davina gone, Klaus and Marcel (Charles M Davis) are incapable of finding out who uses magic in The Quarter. Klaus and Marcel play right into Rebekah’s hands when they lure Davina back to them using the adorable Tim (Shane Coffey) as bait. Let’s just say Davina gets a little creative with her powers, leaving Elijah, Marcel, and Klaus unconscious. In swoops Rebekah, showing Davina who she can really ‘trust’ in her current predicament. Rebekah takes Davina, Tim, and Josh (Steven Krueger) to Marcel’s little crypt for backstabbing vampires. She does this to show Davina just how ruthless Marcel can really be, but her mind isn’t completely swayed until Davina drinks some of Tim’s water… Water that was poisoned by Klaus.

Marcel realized that Klaus may do something conniving, so he had a plan to bring back Davina in case Klaus killed her. Sadly, no such plan was made for Tim, and he ended up kicking the bucket. I felt horrible at this part, because seeing Davina crying over his dead body was just too much. It was all so Romeo and Juliet. In the end, Davina betrays Marcel by becoming Rebekah’s eyes and ears on the inside. And let us not forget Cami! After helping Davina stay hidden, until being knocked out by some crazy witches for most of the episode, she goes up to Klaus and declares that if he tries anything, she won’t hesitate to expose him to the world.

If one thing was certain during this episode, it’s that the ladies of The Originals are literally queens in every way possible. The girl power and teamwork executed during this winter premiere met no ends. Although it kind of had a vibe of a filler episode until the end revelation about Celeste, it still definitely stood on it’s own. I loved this episode, and I hope to see more teamwork between the leading ladies in the future… Except for with Sophie, she needs to stop.



  • Favorite moment during the winter premiere?
  • What is going to happen with Celeste? And how will Elijah react?
  • Is this new duo between Rebekah and Davina going to work out, or end in a downfall?


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