‘Lost Girl’ 4.02 Episode Recap and Review: Lovers. Apart.

Bo’s got her groove thing back on this episode of Lost Girl!

The jump that Dyson and Clio made onto the Death Train last week may not have turned out so well for Dyson. Evidently, only an elemental can make that cross without permission and not suffer for her troubles. Clio is able to negate the rather awful effects, but what does that mean for Bo? Dyson tracks Bo’s scent through the train, finds her escape route, then makes the same leap of faith with Clio in tow.

Bo’s egress from the Train has landed her in the middle of the woods with more than a little jetlag. She finds what looks like a very old and mostly abandoned house out in the middle of nowhere. Note that I said “mostly” abandoned. She’s soon discovered by the family that uses the house once a year to escape from whatever seasonal haunting it is that’s been passed down through the generations. They neglect to explain the circumstances of the haunting to Bo, who can pretty much only see that a teenage girl is being locked into a basement bunker room against her will. She sneaks back in to rescue the kid and ends up exposing her to the body-snatching Jumbee.

As it turns out, the Jumbee has been haunting the father’s family for generations, causing whoever happens to be the host to kill as many family members as he or she can get their hands on. Dad knows this firsthand, as the Jumbee inhabited him at the tender age of 8 and made him kill his father, mother, and siblings all in one go. Bo reveals a bit of her own fae nature and sends Mom and Dad out of the room with the promise that she can take care of everything. Julia, the newly inhabited teen, starts going a bit postal on Bo, but she’s held back by the incredibly timely interruption of Dyson. Clio’s appearance is somewhat less timely, as the Jumbee is able to jump into her, then back into Julia, who is then free to lure her mum back into the room and slash her throat.

Bo sends Clio off for a handy fae band-aid for Mom while Bo herself takes on the Jumbee. A bit of chi-sucking lands Bo in the Jumbee’s dream world, where the fae is able to show Bo exactly why she’s been haunting this family for so long. She was once a peaceful elemental engaged to a human man from a nearby town. The townsfolk were a suspicious lot and thought her a witch. Her fiancé takes a bullet meant for her, which ends up killing them both. Now she’s a vengeful spirit intent on killing every last member of the family of the man who killed her and her love. Bo is able to put her to rest by combining the Jumbee’s grave with that of her fiancé. Dyson completes the cure by conducting a proxy hand-fasting with the Jumbee-possessed Bo. (No, it was seriously cute, guys.)

Now all is well with the family and Bo, Dyson, and Clio start heading back home. Clio chooses this moment to turn on Dyson, bringing a knife to Bo’s throat and refusing her the dimension-jumping cure unless Bo accompanies her to Vex. Fortunately, Bo’s recently been occupied by a now-grateful elemental, so she’s no longer in need of the cure. A quick beat-down occurs and Bo and Dyson drive off, oddly forgetting all about what happened on the train.

Meanwhile, over in whatever tiny town she’s been hiding out in, Lauren finally succumbs to the rather persistent advances of her buxom blonde coworker. Now that Lauren’s achieved a bit of happiness again, her pursuers are knocking on her door again. She grabs her things and runs, begging Crystal not to say a word to anyone. Later, as she’s hitch-hiking to her next hideout, she’s picked up by her new ladyfriend. The reunion is short-lived, as Crystal has sold her out to the bad guys. Now Lauren is firmly in their clutches.

Speaking of bad guys, Evony is back in action. She takes over Lauren’s old place and calls Massimo in to regrow her missing eye. Once she’s back in one piece, Evony declares the world to be her oyster, since the one person she most wants vengeance on is gone. Sounds like there will be rough times ahead once Evony finds out that Bo is still alive.

Huzzah! Bo has rejoined the fold (or rather, she will next episode). It may have taken a couple of episodes, but I felt like Lost Girl started getting back into its groove with this one. I’m glad they narrowed the focus a bit, as well. While it would have been interesting to know what was going on back in town with the whole Kenzie/Hale situation and Tiny TamTam growing back up, it would have been way too much happening in just 45 minutes of story time. I’d go so far as to say that we didn’t even need all of the lead-in to Lauren’s abduction, but I’m trying not to alienate too many folks with my lack of Lauren appreciation.

So Bo’s officially back in town next week, and at least one person isn’t going to be happy to see her (even with the recently regrown eye). Can’t wait to see how that goes down!

Best Quote:
Massimo: “Did you dye your hair?”
Evony: “Yes, thank you for noticing. The color is called ‘Grow My Eyeball Back or You Will Be Growing Back a Ball of Your Own!’”

Things to Ponder:

  • The thugs who snagged Lauren didn’t look like any light fae I remember seeing before. Is there a new player in town?
  • Could we possibly be seeing a victory for Team DyBo? (There may be a better shipper name, but I’m sticking with this one because it sounds like Tae Bo.)


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