‘Lost Girl’ 4.04 Episode Recap and Review: Turn to Stone

Not everyone is happy to see Bo back in town on this week’s episode of Lost Girl!

On the other hand, Dyson’s tickled pink to have his succubus within arm’s reach again, as evidenced by their heavy workout followed by, um, a good long “shopping trip.” Bo’s trying to lay low while the Una Mens is in town, and she’s not the only one. A trip the Dál with Kenzie shows that most of the local fae are keeping their heads down. Bo, being Bo, decides to get the party started, but she’s being watched by a creepy, Weeping Angel-esque gargoyle statue with unknown motives. My guess? The Una Mens.

While Bo and Kenzie are out getting their drink on, two men break into the Clubhouse, scaring Tiny TamTam. She gets all Valkyrie-face on them, but it triggers something in her. By the time Bo and Kenz get back, the Clubhouse is devoid of all of their worldly goods, and Tam looks like remarkably like Rachel Skarsten again, but without all the past-life memories attached. Bo drops her off with Dyson while she goes to investigate.

Kenzie’s doing some investigating of her own when she nearly gets snagged by two of Massimo’s goons. Bo comes to the rescue, but forces Kenzie to come clean about what’s been going on with her whole fae debt thing. They head to Massimo’s place, who tells them that he’s willing to forgive the debt and give their stuff back if they’ll fetch him a rare herb from Lauren’s place.

In Casa de Lauren, Kenzie finds the herb easily enough while Bo is busy angsting over all of Lauren’s lies. They try to head out, but are stopped by a firewall not unlike the one currently protecting the Clubhouse. Bo douses Kenzie enough to wash off her handy fae cream and get her across the line to find the right tools to take the flames down entirely. While Kenz is out hunting and gathering, something else has found its way into the apartment with Bo: the Una Mens gargoyle. There’s this long, lights-flickering, “don’t even blink. Blink and you’re dead” sequence that ends with the gargoyle taking a bite out of Bo’s arm and disappearing. Kenzie returns and takes down the firewall, but the post-battle conversation leads to another big confession on Kenzie’s part. She tells Bo all about the Massimo’s trap from last season and about kissing Dyson back in first episode of this one. Bo is not amused.

In the meantime, Bo has figured out that Lauren’s apartment was meant as a distraction so that Massimo could get to Tam. Evidently he wants her hair, which is really super-valuable. Bo arrives at his lair in time to save Tam, but Massimo ends up getting the upper hand. That lasts all of thirty seconds before Tam’s wings grow in and she gets all full of Valkyrie rage. Bo is only just able to talk her down from killing Massimo, but Tam loses a lock of her hair in the process. Bo gets the still mentally young Tam out of the room before “dealing” with Massimo. He says he needs the hair for his mother, but Bo drops it in the rather convenient lava pit. In a surprising turn, the seemingly tranced-out Massimo says that “now he has to go get it” and jumps in after the hair, effectively ending his guest run on the series, as far as I can tell.

After the fur finishes flying and all the other ends of the episode are as tied off as they’re going to get, Bo goes to see the Una Mens and lay down the succu-law. Their response is that they’re no longer interested because she’s no longer unaligned. The gargoyle bite proved that her blood has chosen to be Dark Fae.

While all this is going on back home, Lauren is learning a little more about why she and Crystal were snagged on the road. There’s a medical lab set under a tarp in their dungeon, and a mysterious Elder fae needs a diagnosis from her. She gets the usual ultimatum: diagnose or we kill you and your little waitress, too. The labwork shows that the Elder is going mad because he’s been feeding on his family, but that’s not the important part. Lauren gets an attitude with whoever is behind the camera (she’s thinking Hale, as last time she checked, he was still the Ash. She’s been gone a while). She’s proven wrong when the door to the dungeon opens, revealing someone who is definitely not Hale.

You know, from the episode descriptions, I really thought there was going to be more fallout from Kenzie’s big confessional. As it was, I wasn’t exactly sure what Bo was upset about. She got snarky about kissing Dyson, but that was handwaved later. Getting involved with Massimo and the whole trap thing? Totally blows over. I know I’ve been anxiously awaiting the series getting back into its groove, but that was more than a little abrupt.

I am glad that Tiny TamTam’s growing period is over. It was good for the cute baby Valkyrie jokes, but adult Tam is such a fun character and a much-needed source of “get over it” eye-rolls. What do we think about her being on her last regeneration life? Will that become a crucial plot point later in the season, or is it just an excuse to make Tamsin more bad*ss than ever?

Best Quote:
Kenzie: “Whoa! Not in front of the B-A-B-Y V-A-L-K… E? Or is it Y?”

Things to Ponder:

  • What changed to make Bo “choose” Dark fae? Was it some action of hers, or something that happened to her while she was with the Wanderer?
  • So it’s just okay now that Kenzie is a claimed human “terrorist”? Nothing seems to have changed in fae politics in the hour that Bo has been back in town.
  • Who really kidnapped Lauren/Amber/Karen? And who was pulling Massimo’s now extra-crispy strings?
  • Who on Earth wears a flimsy lace bra to a sparring session?


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