‘Being Human’ 4.04 Episode Recap and Review: Panic Womb

Someone’s getting a new puppy on this week’s episode of Being Human!

It’s a lovely new morning in Boston… kind of. Aidan is getting to the good part of a Very Special Dream about a vamped-out Kat when he’s woken by Kenny. Susanna dusted 10 more vamps last night, and Kenny thinks she’s probably coming after Aidan next. Aidan takes the kid downstairs to reintroduce him to Josh and Nora. Nora is understanding about the whole “newbie rage” thing from last season, but Josh still needs to (and I swear, he actually said this) “jog it out.”

On his jog, Josh runs into an extremely pregnant werewolf. She and her husband were turned earlier in the year, and then three months ago, she became pregnant. None of this quite explains why she looks like she’s ready to pop, but the accelerated growth has kept her from seeing any kind of doctor during this whole process. Josh sneaks Caroline and her husband Andrew in to see Nora and get an ultrasound. No one’s exactly thrilled to see that the fetus totally has claws. Andrew is scared and angry, and Josh accidentally going all wolf-eyes doesn’t help. Andrew carries his wife out of the hospital in a massive huff.

Sometime later, there’s a knock on the door at the house. Caroline is in labor and they didn’t know where else to go. Josh and Nora get her set up in a bedroom upstairs, then put all that nurse training into use to bring the baby into the world. Granted, she looks a lot more like a puppy at first, but she morphs back into a normal baby girl when her mom holds her for the first time. Josh and Nora go downstairs to decompress and crack a few jokes, but it’s clear that having a little wolf pup is something that they’re starting to consider again.

Meanwhile, back in Aidan’s plotline for the episode, the vamp has gone to confront Susanna about the whole slayer thing. She’s had a little too much of the Watcher Council kool-aid and tells Aidan that he’s either with her or with them. (“Them” being the bloodsucking monsters that Susanna really can’t seem to find a gray area on.) Aidan realizes that she’s gone a smidge round the bend and comes somewhat clean to Kenny, telling him that Susanna is hired muscle from out of town. Aidan goes back to Susanna and tells her to get out of town.

While he’s dealing with his homicidal ex-wife, Aidan’s also trying to figure out how to successfully plan a vacation with his girlfriend in such a manner that she doesn’t find out that he’s somewhat undead. After Susanna warns him that human-vampire relationships just don’t work, Aidan is determined that his and Kat’s will. He goes to her and confesses that he’s a vampire. As of the closing credits, I’m going to guess that Kat isn’t buying it yet.

While Aidan, Josh, and Nora are all dealing with their own drama, Sally is trying to figure out more about Lil’ Smokie. She enlists Zoe to do some research, since all of the other housemates are understandably busy. The internet shows that the house was owned by Carl and Joy Benson back in the 70s, and a convenient picture shows their young, happy-looking daughter Beatrice. Zoe and Sally find a more recent address in Brookline and head out to see if they can get answers about the poor dead girl out there. All they find is more questions, though, as Beatrice is happy, healthy, and remarkably not dead. What’s more, she says that she had a very happy childhood sans ritual sacrifices.

Sally is still suspicious, especially since Beatrice’s daughter, Lil’ Smokie Jr., creepily watches the two of them leave the house. It looks like Sally was right to think that more was going on. A final shot shows Beatrice looking at the same photo that Zoe and Sally saw online, only this one is uncropped and shows what appears to be Beatrice’s identical, unnamed twin looking out from a window of the house. The plot, how she doth thicken!

I can’t decide if I want to see Kat and Aidan work out or not. On the one hand, it’s always nice to see one of our favorite characters happy. This crew deserves a little normalcy every once in a while, which is all they’re really working towards, anyway. On the other hand, this is Being Human. No one gets to be really happy. Coping, yes. Snarkily coping, even better. But no one gets to be just content. It’s not the way the show works, and really not the way television works in general. If everyone is content, there’s no reason to keep watching. Given that reasoning, if Kat and Aidan do manage to work things out (those crazy kids), I’m guessing it’ll be a sign that Kat is not long for this world.

Speaking of the way this show works, I’m really enjoying the Lil’ Smokie mystery, but it doesn’t feel like part of the same show to me. Usually when the gang goes into problem-solving mode, it’s regarding something that affects one of them directly. Unless we’re counting the house as a character now, this doesn’t seem to. Yes, Sally is linked to it in that she can see what’s happening, but so far it looks like letting this drop would have no consequences at all. Don’t get me wrong, I’m entertained and I want to know what went down, but I’m still trying to figure out why this storyline is happening. Maybe that will become more clear later in the season.

Best Quote:
Aidan: “And then there are places like the Bahamas where I just can’t go.”
Nora: “Too much sunlight?”
Aidan: “I murdered their Prime Minister once. Bahamians have really long memories.”

Things to Ponder:

  • Will we be seeing the wolf baby again, or was this just a one-off, “look what could happen” episode?
  • Will Kat learning Aidan’s secret lead to her remembering everything else? How will she react?


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