Where Is ‘You’ Filmed? Real-Life Locations from the Netflix Series

Where Is You Filmed? Here's a list of filming locations from Los Angeles, New York, and London that fans can visit!

Netflix’s psychological thriller series, You, first premiered in 2018 and Season 5 of the hit series is gearing up for production. So as fans eagerly await new episodes, we’re taking a look at where You is filmed.

The show, which has been filmed in Los Angeles, New York, and London, was created by Greg Berlanti and Sera Gable based on the book of the same title by Caroline Kepnes. It follows Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg, who is a serial killer and bookstore manager.

Season 1 first introduces us to Joe as he becomes obsessed with writer Guinevere Beck, played by Elizabeth Lail. Those first 10 episodes were a massive hit, which laid the groundwork for three additional seasons to date.  

Season 4 saw Joe heading to London as he takes on a new identity as Professor Jonathan Moore. Additionally, fans saw new faces join the cast as well, including Ed Speleers, Charlotte Ritchie, Lukas Gage, Eve Austin, and Dario Coates, just to name a few.

So, where is You filmed? Here’s a breakdown of You filming locations that you can visit and reenact your favorite scenes.

Where Is You Filmed? Filming Locations that Fans Can Visit

Knebworth House in Hertfordshire

Knebworth House, Hertfordshire

In the fourth and fifth episodes of Season 4, this location features prominently as the family estate of Lady Phoebe, played by Tilly Keeper. Known in the show as Hampshire House, this is where Joe and the rest of his new social crew spend a weekend together.

A lot of the scenes show the interior of Knebworth House. However, the exterior of the house also got considerable exposure as well. It’s also worth noting that if you have seen The Crown, you will easily recognize the Tudor mansion there, as well as in many other shows and films.

Black Park Country Park in London

Black Park Country Park

Outdoor scenes, like the shooting session in the woods, actually happened in Black Park. This is a vast area in south Buckinghamshire consisting of more than 500 acres of woodland. This country park, where Joe also went into hiding, is an ideal location for the outdoor Hampshire scenes.

Four Seasons Hotel London at Ten Trinity Square

As fans know, Lady Phoebe is a young socialite. When it comes to her abode, only the best would suffice. That is why production decided to use the Four Seasons Hotel as Phoebe’s luxury flat. The hotel stood in for Phoebe’s dwelling, both for most of the interior and exterior.

Cornwall Square in South Kensington
Photo Credit: Lois GoBe

Cornwall Gardens, Kensington

Kate, played by Charlotte Ritchie, is a director of an art gallery. In Season 4, it doesn’t take long before she becomes Joe’s latest obsession.

The interior of her flat is on a soundstage. However, for exterior shots, the cast and crew hopped over to Cornwall Gardens for filming.

Gaddesden Estate, Gaddesden Home Farm

For centuries, the Halsey family has owned this farming and forestry property that lies in Gaddesden Home Farm. The property is part of Hemel Hempstead. Producers of the show have decided it would be a suitable lumberyard for the latest season.

Royal Holloway and Bedford New College, University of London

Royal Holloway, University of London

Joe pretends to be a professor named Jonathan Moore in You Season 4. The university where he teaches is called Darcy College in the show. However, in real life, it is actually the Royal Holloway University in Egham, Surrey.

This campus is no stranger to film productions. It has also served as the backdrop for other shows like Downton Abbey, Midsomer Murders, and many more. If you are a fan of Celebrity Masterchef, you would also recognize the university from that series as well.

Lincoln’s Inn, 11 New Square

There are plenty of library scenes that are supposed to be in Darcy College. The Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn serves as the location for filming those scenes. A few of the shots even feature in the posters and trailer for the current season.

You Filming Location: Gloucester Station
Photo Credit: Andriy Blokhin

Gloucester Road Station

As the characters of the show travel through London, there are scenes where they emerge in Kensington, West London. Gloucester Road Station was ideal for this filming due to its close proximity to both Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace.

St. Pancras Station

There is a very distinct British look to the environment at St. Pancras Station so it makes sense to use it in the series. It is at this station where Marienne, played by Tati Gabrielle, tries to board a train en route to Paris, but Joe closely follows her.

Fabric Nightclub in London
Photo Credit: William Barton


Many of the party scenes of the series take place in Fabric. One of the most popular nightclubs in London, Fabric is located in Farrington right across Smithfield Market. The club is notable for its electronic music.

White Waltham Airfield

Kate’s father Tom Lockwood, played by Greg Kinnear, had taken up flying as a hobby. As a result, he spends a fair amount of his time i an airplane hangar with his plane.

The filming of these scenes took place in White Waltham Airfield, which is one of the most famous airfields in the UK.

Royal Victoria Dock at night

Royal Victoria Dock

In the gripping scene where Joe and Rhys share an emotional moment just before plunging into the water, they are actually at the Royal Victoria Dock. It is the largest Royal Dock in East London, close to the University of East London.

The scene itself was filmed on a footbridge at the dock, overlooking East London’s Docklands, right by the ExCel centre and London City Airport.

The Bargehouse

As an art gallery director, Kate spends a lot of time in art galleries. The scenes that show her at work are actually in The Bargehouse. It is an avant-garde gallery consisting of five stories and enough space to accommodate huge exhibits.

Billingsgate Market and Wharf
Photo Credit: Apostolis Giontzis

Grant’s Quay Wharf, Old Billingsgate

In a pensive moment in one of the episodes of Season 4, Joe sits on a bench with his arms crossed and appears to be doing some pondering. The fully-lit Tower Bridge is in the background. This shot was taken right outside the Old Billingsgate Market.

Other parts of London that you might catch a glimpse of in Season 4 are Seething Lane Garden, the church of St. Bartholomew the Great, and Chiswick Gardens.

You Season 4
Photo Credit: Netflix Instagram

Where Is You Filmed in Season 1?

After reading through all the London filming locations, you might be wondering, where is You filmed for the earlier seasons? Let’s take a look at some of the locations stateside from Seasons 1 – 3.

You Filming Locations
Photo Credit: Netflix

Logos Bookstore, York Avenue

For the first season, the entire show was filmed in New York City. Joe was a bookstore manager. So naturally, he spent most of his time in a bookstore. The filming took place in a real shop called Logos Bookstore. This was where Joe and Beck first met.

Veterans Memorial Park, Nyack

In the episode where Joe stalks Beck only to discover she is with her father, Joe then follows them all the way to the Renaissance Fair. The setting for this scene was actually the Veterans Memorial on Main Street and Cedar Avenue in Nyack.

O’Malley’s Bar, Nyack

In the same episode, Beck goes to a bar after a disappointing turn of events with her father. It’s not a long scene but the backdrop of the Irish bar O’Malley’s in Nyack would definitely grab your attention. However, it’s bad news for fans with this filming location, as O’Malley’s has since closed.

You Season 2 Filming Locations
Penn Badgley and Jenna Ortega film outside Joe’s apartment in You Season 2 / Photo Credit: Netflix

Where Is You Filmed in Los Angeles?

In Season 2, all filming took place in Los Angeles, California. This is also where Season 3 was filmed, though it is set in a wealthy suburb of San Francisco, Madre Linda.

1830 Winona Boulevard, Los Angeles

Back to Season 2, Joe’s apartment was one of the many settings that were filmed on location. Fans can find his flat at 1830 Winona Boulevard

The Vineyards at Porter Ranch, Northridge

The first meeting between Love and Theo in Season 3 takes place in the parking lot of Glasell’s Market. The scenes were shot in front of a store, better known as Vineyards at Porter Ranch.

The front entrance to Urban Radish
Photo Credit: The Image Party

Urban Radish, Los Angeles

Joe first sees his new love interest, aspiring chef Love Quinn, played by Victoria Pedretti, in a store near his apartment. The store in the show is called Anavrin, which is Nirvana in reverse. However, in real life, it is actually an eatery and market called Urban Radish. Both the exterior and interior of the location appear numerous times on the show during Season 2.

What about You Season 5 Filming?

The cast and crew of You have gone from the East Coast to the West Coast, then across the sea to London. Curious about where You is filming for the fifth and final season? Season 5 will film in New York from March 25 – August 1, 2024.

There is no release date currently set for You Season 5. It’s possible that the series could return late 2024 However, at this time it’s probably more likely that the series will return in 2025.


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