Where Is ‘Ted Lasso’ Filmed? Real-Life Locations from the AppleTV+ Series

Where is Ted Lasso Filmed? Filming Locations from the Hit TV Series

The critically acclaimed sports comedy-drama Ted Lasso first premiered on Apple TV+ in 2020. And with the return of the series’ third season, many fans have asked, where is Ted Lasso filmed? But before we answer that, let’s have a quick background of the show.

A Little Background on Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso is co-created by Jason Sudeikis, who also stars as the title character, American football coach Ted Lasso. Additional creators for the series include Bill Lawrence, Brendan Hunt, and Joe Kelly.

The episodes follow Lasso as he makes a major shift in his coaching career. He moves to London to become the coach for the AFC Richmond, a football team in the English Premier League.

Ted Lasso Cast
The Cast of ‘Ted Lasso’ attends the Season 3 Premiere / Photo Credit: Michael Mattes

The show was immediately a hit, earning rave reviews from critics and audiences alike. And with the series being a hit, it’s only natural that fans find themselves asking where Ted Lasso is filmed. So, let’s dive into a few of the most notable filming locations used in the series, from the first to the third season. In fact, many of these locations you can easily visit and reenact some of your favorite scenes from the show!

Where Is Ted Lasso Filmed?

Richmond Green in West London, England
Richmond Green in West London, England / Photo Credit: cktravels

Richmond Green

This location has been used countless times on Ted Lasso. In fact, the spot is actually a very popular filming location for many shows, including Netflix’s Sandman. It is located in the town of Richmond in Greater London.

Richmond Green is where Coach Lasso passes during his commute to and from the stadium. The long walks that he takes through this field with Coach Beard give them plenty of opportunity to have serious conversations. It is also where Lasso has many bonding moments with the community.

The Prince's Head Pub in Richmond upon Thames, West London
The Prince’s Head Pub in The Green, Richmond upon Thames, West London / Photo Credit: cktravels

Prince’s Head Pub

In the series, there is a pub named Crown & Anchor where football fans come to watch games on TV, celebrate wins with a pint or two, or simply chill with buddies. And in real life, this is the Prince’s Head Pub in Richmond, London. It is indeed a popular hangout for people who love football and rugby.

Paved Court
The Paved Court in Richmond, West London / Photo Credit: Alla Tsyganova

Paved Court in Richmond

Known simply as Paved Court, this narrow road where only pedestrians can pass is the location of Ted’s flat. The building does exist for real. However, in the show, the number of the house is seen as 9 ½ when it is in fact 11A. With it being a public place, fans of the show are welcome to drop by and see for themselves where Coach Lasso lived.

Twickenham Rowing Club

In the first episode of the second season, Brett Goldstein and Juno Temple’s characters, Roy and Keeley, are in a scene featuring the River Thames in the background. The spot where they are sitting is at Twickenham Rowing Club, which is on Eel Pie Island.

Selhurst Park Stadium
Selhurst Park Stadium / Photo Credit: Michael715

Selhurst Park Stadium

The theme of the series revolves around football. Thus, it makes sense to use an actual stadium to shoot the football games, making it much more realistic. One of the main locations the series uses is Selhurst Park Stadium. It is located in Croydon, a borough in South London, and in the show, goes by the name of Nelson Road.

This stadium is most notable as the official venue for the Crystal Palace Football Club. It has also seen other major sporting events, like the 1948 Summer Olympics, and hundreds of Wimbledon matches from the 1990s to the early 2000s.

SkyEx Community Stadium

A separate filming location is used for the training scenes in the series. While the official games are shot in Selhurst, the practice games and training sessions are conducted in a different stadium. For this, producers of the series chose SkyEx Community Stadium in the borough of Hillingdon.

This is the official stadium of the Hayes and Yeading United Football Club. Filming had to be scheduled around the practice hours of the football team because they did use this stadium for their regular training sessions.

West Ham United London Stadium
West Ham United London Stadium / Photo Credit: George Monie

London Stadium

Although not as prominently shown as the previous two stadiums, London Stadium seems to have been the filming location for the training sessions of West Ham, the rival soccer team. This is visible in the early episodes of the third season. London Stadium is located in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

St. Andrew's Church in Kingsbury
Photo Credit: AppleTV+

St. Andrew’s Church, Kingsbury

In Ted Lasso season 2, the funeral service for Rebecca’s father takes place in this Grade I-listed church in North London. Both the interior and exterior of St. Andrew’s Church can be clearly seen in the shots. There were also some scenes of people awaiting the start of the funeral but these were filmed in the Strawberry Hill House in Twickenham.

Natural History Museum in South Kensington
The Natural History Museum in South Kensington / Photo Credit: Pen_85

Natural History Museum, South Kensington

Most of the filming locations in Ted Lasso had something to do with football. However, the Natural History Museum is one of the few that don’t. In the second season, football club owner and a billionaire from Ghana, Edwin Akufo, tries to woo Sam Obisanya. Akufo tells Sam that he bought the museum, just before introducing him to Banksy.

Chango Empanadas
Photo Credit: AppleTV+

Chango Empanadas

This Argentinian café is located on the same road as Ted’s flat and it is seen a lot during the episodes. Though, the Richmond location of Chango Empanadas was not originally intended to be a part of the show. However, the cast and crew both loved to eat the pastry pockets the shop is known for. So, this eventually resulted in the series including the location. Also, it is right next door to Ted’s front door, so it is actually quite inevitable in the show.

Gaucho Steakhouse

This is another Argentinian place where the cast and crew frequently dine and that is also included in the show. In fact, the notable dinner scene with Roy, Keeley, Rebecca, and Rebecca’s date takes place in the Gaucho Steakhouse. And according to the Ted Lasso team, the food here is excellent. They have even given a special recommendation to the bruschetta.

Ted Lasso Filming
Photo Credit: AppleTV+

Where Is Ted Lasso Filmed in Studio?

Filming for the show was all done over London. In fact, the producers insisted on this to ensure the authenticity of the show. As a result, many of the scenes were shot on location in various sites across the city, as we have listed above. As a result, fans will be able to easily recognize some of these familiar landmarks as they watch the shows.

There was also a considerable amount of filming that took place inside a studio. But even for this, they chose a London studio instead of doing it in Hollywood.

West London Film Studios, Hillingdon

The West London Film Studios is owned by Frank Khalid. The studio, which just opened in 2014, has become one of the more popular movie or TV show filming venues in London. It’s located along Springfield Road in Hayes, Hillingdon, and is just beside Hayes & Yeading United Football Club.

Additionally, many of the indoor scenes of Ted Lasso happened within the walls of this studio. The scenes inside the offices and conference rooms were shot here.

Ted Lasso Season 3 Cast
Hannah Waddingham, Jason Sudeikis, Brett Goldstein / Photo Credit: Michael Mattes

Most Ted Lasso Filming Locations Are Easily Accessible

In this article, we have covered multiple Ted Lasso filming locations. In fact, most of these spots are easily accessible if you are in London. So even if the show does end with Season 3, which there are now rumors that it might not, you can keep its spirit alive by dropping by some of the famous locations and being part of the show’s history!


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