‘No Hard Feelings’ Movie Review: Jennifer Lawrence Delivers Comedic Gold

No Hard Feelings Movie Review

If you’ve seen the No Hard Feelings trailer, you may think this isn’t worth your time. It comes across as a raunchy comedy without much substance. So, needless to say, I also went into this one with low expectations. However, I was happily surprised by how much fun this flick was. It seamlessly blends humor, heartfelt moments, and Jennifer Lawrence’s outstanding comedic timing for what ends up being a wonderfully entertaining film.

Starring and produced by Jennifer Lawrence, No Hard Feelings is an R-rated comedy directed by Gene Stupnitsky (Good Boys) and co-written by the creator of Bad Teacher. Maddie (Lawrence) believes she’s found a solution to her financial problems. She stumbles upon an intriguing job opportunity: wealthy helicopter parents seeking someone to “date” their introverted 19-year-old son, Percy. Their goal is to help him come out of his shell before college. However, the task of transforming awkward Percy proves to be more challenging than anticipated, and the clock is ticking. With just one summer to mold him into a confident man, everything is at stake for Maddie.

No Hard Feelings Movie Trailer

No Hard Feelings Movie Review: What I Did and Didn’t Like

Although many movie-goers will likely categorize No Hard Feelings as a “sex” comedy, this movie has a lot more substance to it than that. It explores themes of belonging and personal growth. That being said, there are numerous points throughout the film that are a bit cringe-inducing to watch.

It’s not hard to recognize the parallels to behavior commonly displayed by men relentlessly pursuing younger women. Witnessing this unconventional dynamic of a woman pursuing a significantly younger man offers a fresh perspective. It creates an interesting reflection on societal norms that often view such behavior as acceptable or even romantic.

But this isn’t a movie that’s meant to make you think. It’s one that’s meant to make you smile. And the script and cast do such a fantastic job of that.

Jennifer Lawrence in No Hard Feelings
Jennifer Lawrence in ‘No Hard Feelings’ / Photo Credit: Sony Pictures


At the heart of No Hard Feelings lies a story of an unlikely friendship. And that’s what strikes a chord with audiences. Its relatability truly resonates. And despite its predictable plot, the film’s ability to captivate and entertain remains undiminished. The humor, with its well-timed punchlines and subtle comedic gestures, enhances the story and keeps movie-goers laughing from beginning to end.

No Hard Feelings Movie Comedy
Andrew Barth Feldman in ‘No Hard Feelings’ / Photo Credit: Sony Pictures


Jennifer Lawrence’s performance is what makes this film work. She showcases her comedic talent in the role of Maddie Barker, a 32-year-old who has always stayed close to her Montauk hometown. Maddie is a charmingly imperfect character, not afraig to poke fun at herself. And despite facing challenges, she remains resilient and determined, showcasing her vulnerability and unwavering determination.

It’s also worth noting that Lawrence has a rather memorable beach scene in this movie. There are no spoilers here, but it will go down in history as one of her most talked-about moments on the big screen.

Andrew Barth Feldman, who is relatively new to the scene, impresses with his strong performance alongside Lawrence, delivering touching scenes where he truly shines.

No Hard Feelings Movie
Andrew Barth Feldman and Jennifer Lawrence in ‘No Hard Feelings’ / Photo Credit: Sony Pictures


No Hard Feelings is a delightful, humorous summer comedy. Lawrence and Feldman shine, elevating the movie beyond expectations and showcasing their undeniable talent and on-screen chemistry. And while Percy’s coming-of-age journey takes center stage, it’s Maddie’s transformation that truly tugs at the heartstrings.

Overall, it’s a fun and heartwarming flick that will leave you smiling. It’s the perfect summer rom-com.

No Hard Feelings Movie Review:

Grade: B+


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