‘Lost’ Fans Won’t Get Answers About The Island

Damon Lindelof has promised more answers for the fans in the final season of ‘Lost’, but that will apparently not include answers about the mythology of the island.

In a recent interview with SFX, Lindelof said, “There are certain questions I’m very befuddled by, like, ‘What is the island?’ or ‘What do the numbers mean?'”

“We’re going to be explaining significantly more about the numbers, but what is a potential answer to ‘What do the numbers mean?’ I feel like you have to be very careful about entering into midi-chlorian territory.”

In regards to the island, Lindelof commented, “[The island] is a place. I can’t explain to you why it travels through space-time, it just does. You have to accept that.”

“So we intend to answer the big questions, but in terms of the island itself, there will be questions left unanswered after the show ends.”

Do you think the fans will be satisfied with the lack of answers? Or do you have full faith in the ‘Lost’ execs? ‘Lost’ premieres on Tuesday, February 2 on ABC.


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  1. I suspect the LOST writers are going to change their names and alter their appearances if audiences don’t completely buy into the ‘just accept our weirdness’ approach to wrapping up the series.