A New Era Of ‘Doctor Who’ Begins April 17th

The Doctor has regenerated into a brand-new man, but danger strikes before he can even recover, as Doctor Who returns for a new rebooted series from BAFTA-winning writer Steven Moffat (Steven Spielberg’s upcoming Tintin, Jekyll, Coupling). With his time machine, the TARDIS, wrecked and the sonic screwdriver, his most crucial device destroyed, the new Doctor has just 20 minutes to save the whole world – and only Amy Pond to help him. Doctor Who premieres Saturday, April 17, 9:00p.m. ET/PT. The Doctor Who premiere episode is an extended version with limited commercial interruption.

This new era of the BAFTA-winning series, which delivered record ratings for BBC AMERICA earlier this year, continues the tradition of rebooting with new lead actors and creative team. Steven Moffat, creator of some of the most frightening and award-winning Doctor Who episodes to date – including the BAFTA-winning episode “Blink,” which starred Oscar nominee Carey Mulligan – takes over as lead writer and executive producer.

For new audiences, Steven Moffat says: “Doctor Who is the adventures of an entirely mysterious stranger from outer space. With a time and space machine that can go absolutely anywhere. It’s literally a television show set in everyplace in the universe, every point in history and in every style and every genre. It’s all the other shows in one. You don’t have to watch the rest of television – this is it.”

The reboot series has the Doctor (Matt Smith) and his new travelling companion, the enigmatic Amy Pond (Karen Gillan), together exploring sixteenth century Venice, France during the 1890s and the United Kingdom in the far future, now an entire nation floating in space. But, the Doctor’s enemies are never far behind him including old nemeses the Daleks and Weeping Angels, plus new foes such as alien vampires, humanoid reptiles and a silent menace that follows the Doctor and Amy wherever they go.

Piers Wenger (Ashes to Ashes) and Beth Willis (Ashes to Ashes) are the executive producers and writers for the new 13 episode series include Richard Curtis (Pirate Radio, Love Actually), Toby Whithouse (Being Human, Torchwood) and Chris Chibnall (Camelot, Law & Order UK, Torchwood). Guest stars include Alex Kingston (ER, Flash Forward), BAFTA-winner James Corden (Gavin & Stacey, The History Boys), Oscar nominee Sophie Okonedo (The Secret Life of Bees, Hotel Rwanda) and Tony Curran (24).

Fans will have a chance to see the premiere early as, BBC AMERICA will present special premiere screenings of the series at WonderCon in San Francisco on April 3 and C2E2 in Chicago on April 16.

Ahead of the U.S. premiere broadcast, the BBC AMERICA Original, Doctor Who: The Ultimate Guide, delivers an all-access look inside the universe of the hit drama series. It premieres Saturday, April 17, 8:00 p.m. ET/PT. For more on Doctor Who, please visit http://bbcamerica.com/doctorwho.


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