‘Sweet Home’ Season 2: Release Date Prediction, News, Cast, and More

Sweet Home Season 2

The South Korean Netflix series Sweet Home is returning to the platform for its second season. Details have come up here and there, but

Here’s what we know so far about Sweet Home Season 2. There may be spoilers from Season 1.

Sweet Home
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Sweet Home Gets a Season 2

Sweet Home was one of the South Korean shows on Netflix that achieved a high viewership when it first premiered in 2020. Based on the webtoon of the same name by Hwang Yong-chan and produced by Studio Dragon. Studio Dragon is known for producing other popular South Korean dramas like My Holo Love, Love Alarm, Arthdal Chronicles, and the hit Crash Landing on You.

The first season ended in quite the cliffhanger, leaving fans wondering if there’s going to be a second season. In June 2022, Netflix confirmed not only Sweet Home Season 2 but also a third season. During its renewal announcement, Netflix also confirmed that the show was already in production for both seasons.

On March 13, 2023, filming for Sweet Home Season 2 and 3 was confirmed to have wrapped. One of the show’s stars, Go Min-si, celebrated the wrap-up of the show in a post on Instagram.

The platform’s TUDUM event for 2023 also gave fans a first look into Sweet Home Season 2. The first look gave fans some hints about what’s going to happen next.

Sweet Home became the number-one show on Netflix in South Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Qatar, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. In January 2021, 22 million accounts watched Sweet Home in its first month.

Sweet Home
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What Happened in Season 1

Sweet Home Season 1 gave fans a look into a post-apocalyptic South Korea. Most of the population have turned into monsters stemming from their deepest desires. Cha Hyun-soo, a suicidal man who eventually turns against it when he tries to survive his apartment building that is filled with monsters. All the while revealing that Hyun-soo has also half-turned into a monster.

The first season ended with Sang-wook driving Hyun-soo away in an armored vehicle as the residents of Green Home looked to escape. Meanwhile, the country’s special forces are also hunting for half-turned humans. Hyun-soo’s fate rests on a special infectee who has taken over Sang-wook’s body, not knowing where he’s going.

Ahead of the final events of Sweet Home Season 1, Sang-wook is seen dying after trying to help Yu-ri. Myeong was also last seen escaping in a military van before getting defeated by Hyun-soo. A little before the Green Home apartment complex collapsed, Lee Eun-hyuk, played by Lee Do-hyun, was starting to bleed the same way an infected human would.

Should Eun-hyuk go through his own transformation, he may have regenerative abilities that could save his life. Eun-hyuk turning into a monster would likely be out of his desire to keep his family together. Even if he’s not the biological brother of Eun-yoo, he still feels responsible for her safety.

Meanwhile, Yi-Kyung spent a portion of season one trying to find out what happened to her fiance Nam Sang-won. Even if she did not uphold the end of her deal with the military, Yi-Kyung appears to have joined them in trying to find Hyun-soo. If she captures Hyun-soo, she may finally find out about her missing fiance.

Sweet Home
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What to Expect for Sweet Home Season 2

Sweet Home director Lee Eung-bok said that the second season would be as faithful to the webtoon as possible. Lee will be returning to direct the show’s second and third seasons. This means Sweet Home Season 2 would likely look into the experiments of the military. This also involves Yi-kyung’s fiance Nam Sang-won, who disappeared after claiming to find the secret to the curse.

Fans are also looking forward to the interactions between Hyun-soo and Sang-wook as they discover the real intentions behind the letter. Hyun-soo will likely do what he can to save Sang-wook before he turns completely into the monster.

“In these new seasons, Sweet Home will take on a larger scale with an expanded storyline and cast,” Netflix told THR during the initial announcement of its renewal. Lee added that Sweet Home Season 2 will have a “new setting.” The show’s star Song Kang told xsportsnews that Sweet Home Season 2 will have “more scary episodes than fun.”

Sweet Home
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Sweet Home Cast

Sweet Home Season 2 will also see many characters from season one returning along with some new faces. Song Kang will return as Hyun-soo, the show’s main protagonist. Song has appeared in several other dramas since then; Nevertheless, Love Alarm, Touch Your Heart, and Forecasting Love and Weather.

Lee Si-young also returns as former firefighter Seo Yi-Kyung, an original character for the show who is a martial arts expert. Before Lee became an actress, she was a former amateur boxer. She is known for her performances in SF8 as Kim Ji-woo and Bu Tae-hee in The Birth of the Rich.

Fans can also see the return of Lee Jin-Wook as Pyeon Sang-wook, a man often mistaken as a gangster because of his appearance and tendency to hand out harsh punishments to those who have done bad things. Lee Jin-wook appeared in dramas like Voice, Bulgasal: Immortal Souls, The Three Musketeers, The Time We Were Not In Love, and Nine.

Netflix has also revealed key details about the new faces joining Sweet Home Season 2.

“Song Kang, Lee Jin-uk, Lee Si-young, Ko Min-si, and Park Gyu-young – the residents of Green Home who, in the previous season, delivered overwhelming tension as they risked their lives through bloody battles against their neighbors-turned-monsters – return again in Season 2 to offer thrills and tension of a whole new different kind,”

“Joining the cast in the new season are actors Yoo Oh-seon, Oh Jung-se, Kim Mu-yeol, and Jin-young, portraying the various dimensions of human nature and desires as they find themselves at a crossroads for survival. Having opened new horizons for K-content with its diverse creatures designed and built with a global dream team, Sweet Home Season 2 is ready to mesmerize audiences around the world once again with its expanded world and story.”

sweet home

Sweet Home Season 2 Release Date

Netflix has yet to announce the official release date for Sweet Home Season 2. The show was initially scheduled to be released in the last quarter of 2023. If the schedule goes as planned, we can expect the new season to premiere in November or December 2023.

Sweet Home Season 3 is also in the works. However, there’s no word on the timing yet for when fans might see that premiere.

For now, fans can rewatch the first season of Sweet Home on Netflix.


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