Katherine Heigl Leaving ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ For Good

After 6-years, it appears as if Katherine Heigl is close to being done with ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. Series creator Shonda Rhimes has agreed to release Heigl from her contract, and now ABC and her representatives will work out an exit agreement.

This should be no surprise as Heigl and ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ have had a rocky relationship. In 2007 she was in the middle if the TR Knight/Isaiah Washington feud, and “dissed” Washington for repeating the “F-Word” at the Golden Globes. Then in 2008 she knocked writers of the show, stating that she wasn’t in the Emmy race because she “did not feel I was given the material… to warrant a nomination.” In 2009, she called the working conditions on the show cruel and mean while on David Letterman’s show.

The final straw seems to be that she took time off of the current season to make a movie and to spend time with her adopted daughter. She was supposed to return to the set of the show on March 1st, but the day came and she didn’t show up.


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