Taylor Swift’s Birth Chart: A Deep Dive into the Zodiac of a Pop Icon

Taylor Swift

Since making her debut in 2006, Taylor Swift has emerged as one of the biggest names in music. Her releases have sold millions of copies worldwide and won countless awards.

With Taylor’s massive star power, it’s no wonder fans have started discussing her birth chart. Zodiac signs offer insights into a person’s character traits, shedding light on their nature and explaining why they behave as they do. Certain planets rule these signs in the solar system and are also represented by one of the four main elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

So, let’s take a deep dive into Taylor Swift’s birth chart and see what the stars have to say about our favorite pop artist!

Taylor Swift Birth Chart
Taylor Swift’s Birth Chart

Taylor Swift’s Birth Chart: The Big Three Signs

In your birth chart, your big three signs form the core of your personality. These three signs reveal a lot about how you come across to others. This means these three signs reveal a lot about how you come across, as well as how you are.

The big three signs are made up of your sun sign, moon sign, and rising or ascendant sign. Taylor Swift was born on December 13, 1989, in Reading, Pennsylvania. So, according to her birth chart, she is a Sagittarius sun and a Cancer moon. Her rising sign is unknown because her birth time is unconfirmed.

There has been some debate as to what Taylor’s rising sign is. Two of the most popular theories regarding the singer’s rising sign are that she’s either a Scorpio rising or a Capricorn rising. Unfortunately for us, only Taylor would probably know this. We can only wait and see if she reveals that detail.

Taylor Swift Planet Aspect List
Taylor Swift’s Planet Aspect List
Taylor Swift Planet Aspect Table
Taylor Swift’s Planet Aspect Table

Sagittarius Sun

In Taylor Swift’s birth chart, her birthday itself indicates that she’s a Sagittarius. That is her sun sign. In astrology, your sun sign is associated with the heart and the ego. To sum it up, the sun sign makes up the core of a person’s identity and is what shines the brightest in their personality.

People who are Sagittarius suns are known to be very carefree, easygoing, and passionate about life. They follow their heart with everything they have, refusing to allow roadblocks to stand in the way of their goals. For Taylor, being a Sagittarius sun explains her warm and outgoing personality.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet representing luck, knowledge, and expansion. Therefore, Sagittarians are comfortable living outside their comfort zone as they naturally pursue the unknown. Even as Sagittarians take risks, their risk-taking tends to bode well for them.

Sagittarius is also a fire sign, and fire signs are known for their passion, energy, optimism, and enthusiasm. The sign is also one of the mutable signs in the zodiac, making Taylor flexible in how she perceives herself. With Sagittarians being the optimists, it also makes sense as to how Taylor learns from her experiences.

“Every day, I try to remind myself of the good in the world, the love I’ve witnessed, and the faith I have in humanity. We have to live bravely in order to truly feel alive, and that means not being ruled by her greatest fears,” the singer told ELLE.

Cancer Zodiac Sign

Cancer Moon

In astrology, your moon sign is a reflection of your emotions, dreams, and intuition, as well as your hidden desires. Taylor Swift’s moon sign is Cancer, which coincidentally rules over the moon. Because Taylor’s moon sign is Cancer, she is connected to her feelings, which explains how she can effortlessly express them so beautifully through her lyrics.

Fans love Taylor’s songs as they can relate to them, even if they are about her own experiences. This has allowed Taylor to build a bond with her fans and even the most casual of listeners.

Individuals with Cancer moons are known to be very sensitive and in tune with their emotions. They are loyal in their relationships and value romance. Cancer moons love to spend time with their loved ones, and they will make sure that they feel seen.

Taylor’s Cancer Moon also happens to be conjunct with Jupiter, which indicates her popularity among female audiences and young women. This also shows how Taylor is admired for her honesty, which brings her a lot of success in her career. However, individuals who are Cancer moons conjunct with Jupiter also tend to struggle with the lines between their public and private lives.

This struggle also explains how Taylor has revealed that she had to take a step back a few times in her career.

Kim Kardashian Planetary Positions
Kim Kardashian’s Planetary Positions

Capricorn Mercury

In astrology, the planet Mercury represents how a person communicates their thoughts, dreams, experiences, and desires. Taylor Swift’s Mercury sign is in Capricorn, so this makes the singer precise in how she expresses herself. This placement isn’t surprising, given her ability to communicate her experiences through her lyrics and storytelling. Taylor’s Mercury is also opposite Jupiter, which indicates her tendency to look at the bigger picture.

People with this placement are those who have points to make, and they spend their lives looking for their truth. However, a weakness of this placement is that they may have the desire to control how others perceive them by limiting their expression. Taylor’s Mercury placement also happens to be close to Saturn, which is a planet representing limitations.

This may suggest that Taylor chose music as an outlet to help her express herself. It is also an indication that, over time, the opinions of others will matter less. This will allow the singer to further grow into her truth.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Aquarius Venus

Venus is the planet representing romance, attraction, and partnerships. Whatever sign that rules Venus for you gives an idea of how you express your attraction to other people and what you’re attracted to. Being a mega-pop star, Taylor Swift has often been in the headlines for her dating life over the years. Her Venus sign is Aquarius, which may explain her dating life.

Individuals with Aquarius as their Venus sign tend to be the rebellious heartbreakers. They are the curious types and prefer to date a variety of people rather than have one certain “type.” What attracts Aquarius Venuses the most is being with someone who challenges them intellectually and can match their sense of humor.

With Taylor’s Venus sign being Aquarius, she looks for a romantic partner who feels more like a best friend.

Aside from Venus ruling over romance and attraction, Taylor’s Aquarius Venus is sextile Mars. This shows that she has the drive and the focus to work toward her dreams. When the two planets come together in the birth chart, it can show someone who will give their all in whatever they pursue. People with this placement also tend to be very popular and are always part of the inner circle wherever they are.

With that in mind, it only explains how Taylor continues to set trends and new standards in the industry. It also shows how she has nowhere to go but up as long as she sets her mind to it.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Scorpio Mars

Mars is the planet representing energy, ambition, and desire in astrology. Your Mars placement reflects how you take action to get what you want. Taylor Swift’s Mars is in Scorpio, an equally intense sign in the zodiac. Just like how the Moon rules over Cancer, Mars also rules over Scorpio.

Individuals who have their Mars in Scorpio are, as we said, very intense, even if they don’t show it. You might catch onto it whenever they talk about their interests. If you manage to earn their trust, they might let you into their world. Scorpio is a water sign, and this sign is known for being diligent and patient when they take on new things.

Individuals with Mars in Scorpio placements tend to be unfazed by the time and effort needed to get what they want. For Taylor, her Scorpio Mars indicates a strong drive and possibly even stubbornness in certain things, like her career and her romantic life.

Possible Scorpio Stellium

In astrology, when you have three or more planets with the same sign, that’s called a Stellium. As we said earlier, there’s some debate on what Taylor Swift’s rising sign is, with the two most speculated ones being Scorpio and Capricorn. Should Taylor be a Scorpio rising, then she’s got a Scorpio Stellium.

Individuals with a Scorpio Stellium in their birth chart may have exaggerated traits associated with the sign. Scorpio is a fixed water sign, and water represents emotions. This means someone with a fixed water sign may experience getting overwhelmed with their emotions. Scorpio Stellium individuals tend to live their lives on the edge or teeter between one emotional extreme or the other.

They can also overcome even the toughest of challenges and be transformed by the experience.

Scorpio Stelliums tend to have a natural charisma and are fascinated with the emotions of others and their own. They are also very imaginative, intelligent, incredibly intuitive, and aren’t afraid to look below the surface.

However, with these strengths, there are weaknesses. Scorpio Stelliums may also have a fear of abandonment, possessiveness, and a possible need to control their relationships. They may also tend to hold onto grievances of the past as they think about how they can get even.

Cancer Stellium

You might find that in Taylor Swift’s birth chart, there are two Stelliums, three if we count a possible Scorpio Rising. In this case, Taylor has three Cancer placements in her birth chart: the Moon, Jupiter, and Chiron. Like Scorpio, Cancer is a water sign associated with emotions. This placement might oppose one or both the Sun and Rising signs, especially if you have Earth signs in both placements.

With three Cancer placements, Taylor has a Cancer Stellium.

Individuals who have Cancer Stelliums tend to feel emotions a lot more deeply compared to others. This might make them come off as overly emotional, but it’s really that their world is different. Cancer Stelliums tend to feel the emotions of others and themselves so strongly that they may have trouble differentiating which ones are theirs and others.

Cancer Stelliums also tend to be kindhearted and have an aura that makes people open up to them. People with Cancer Stelliums tend to be seen as trustworthy as they can recognize and feel others’ emotional pain. Their empathic nature makes others feel accepted and loved.

However, the intense emotional understanding may also present difficulties for Cancer Stelliums. They tend to get hurt easily by the words and actions of others. This might make Cancer Stelliums deny their own emotions out of self-defense.

Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Capricorn Stellium

Taylor Swift also has a Capricorn Stellium in her birth chart. Her Capricorn placements are in Mercury, Uranus, and Neptune. Capricorn is one of the three Earth signs next to Taurus and Virgo. Capricorn is also a cardinal Earth sign, with Saturn as its ruling planet.

Therefore, the traits associated with Capricorns may also have a big effect on people with this Stellium. Capricorn Stelliums tend to have natural leadership skills. They also tend to be incredibly resourceful, especially when it comes to problem-solving. 

Capricorns are also known to be ambitious, and Capricorn Stelliums are even more so. They tend to know exactly what they want in life and know how to make logical plans to get what they want. Capricorn Stelliums are also gifted with a strong work ethic, which definitely checks out with Taylor.

Capricorn Stelliums know the value of hard work and its financial rewards. These individuals are known to be go-getters and enjoy climbing the ladder of success, including the perks that come with it. These Stelliums tend to be professionals in every sense of the word. They always seek to learn more about their industry, including innovations that would help them get the job done.

Tenacity is also another trait that Capricorn Stelliums tend to have. This tenacity helps people with this stellium reach their goals. They’re not the type to easily give up when things get difficult. Even when defeated, they always know to get back up again.

Taylor Swift Was Destined to Be a Star

Overall, Taylor Swift’s birth chart shows how she was destined to be a star. Winning multiple awards for each of her releases and now the massive success of her concert tour and the film that covered it. One thing is for sure, Taylor Swift will only keep shining brighter and rasing the bar higher as her career continues.

Curious about your birth chart? We highly recommend the birth chart calculator over at Women’s Business Daily. It’s a thorough resource that will shed light on the star alignments at your time and place of birth – and how that has potentially impacted your life.


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