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Fox Negotiating with Conan

Fox Negotiating with Conan


Sources are saying that Fox is already in negotiations with Conan O’Brien, a mere 3 days after his last show on NBC. Peter Reilly, president of entertainment at Fox, had this to say about Conan: “He’s one of the few guys on the planet who has demonstrated he can do one of these shows every night.”

Fox has not had a late-night talk show since 1993’s The Chevy Chase Show, which lasted 4 weeks. Sources are saying that Fox is unlikely to be the only network after Conan, but that Conan “won’t do anything that is not a high-quality show.”

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  1. The Romans said it is good to live in interesting times. Conan moving to Fox reminds me of when Letterman went to CBS. NBC lucked out on that move, but they didn’t learn their lesson. As a Conan fan, I truly hope and believe that NBC will get clobbered this time. Jay Leno is finally being revealed as the skunk he is (regardless on how Oprah spins it to suit her own needs) and hopefully his audience will turn away from him. Conans biggest problem is that most of his viewers dont show up in the ratings, resulting in lower ad revenue. If Fox is smart, they will tie in Conan special DVD’s and internet-only content which will make up the revenue difference. Most industry experts believe that Conan has more actual viewers than either Leno or Letterman but the stats just don’t show it. Viva Conando!


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