Exploring the Ancient Wonders: Why You Shouldn’t Miss the Horizon of Khufu Experience in Atlanta!

horizon of khufu experience

Imagine standing at the foot of the last surviving wonder of the ancient world, the Great Pyramid of Giza. I can say from personal experience, it’s a humbling and inspiring moment. But one that doesn’t come with out a large number of challenges, at least, until now. If you could experience the magic of Great Pyramid, without a 12-hour plane ride, temperatures north of 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and the hints of claustrophobia that come from crawling through narrow passages, how quickly would you sign up?

The good news for those in Atlanta is that you can through a new virtual reality event, the Horizon of Khufu Experience—an astonishingly accurate, virtual journey into one of Egypt’s most iconic structures.

As someone who has ventured to the heart of Egypt and braved the sweltering heat to step inside the very chambers of the Great Pyramid, I can say with all certainty that nothing beats the historical allure and architectural grandeur of Khufu’s creation. Capturing the essence of the Pyramid is no simple task either, yet the Horizon of Khufu Experience manages to encapsulate it perfectly – even down to the vents in the King’s chamber and the cuts on the Khufu’s sarcophagus. 

For context, here’s what it looked like in real life – 


What is the Horizon of Khufu Experience?

Are you intrigued yet? This is the raddest virtual reality experience I’ve done to date, and it does an incredible job of transporting visitors straight to the Giza Plateau. It goes beyond the traditional boundaries of sightseeing by merging the latest VR technology with history, allowing you to explore the Great Pyramid and see passageways that you can’t even see if you visit the actual pyramid.

You’ll walk through the grand corridors, stand in the King’s Chamber, and admire the intricate hieroglyphics up close in areas that the public isn’t allowed in – all while learning about the pyramid’s construction, history, and the daily lives of the people who built it (if you know me, you know I believed aliens built the Pyramids, which honestly only makes this experience cooler).

Horizon of Khufu
Horizon of Khufu

What to Expect from the Horizon of Khufu

Once you enter the event, you’ll have a headset that you’ll put on – I wear glasses, and the headset fit easily over my glasses. They’ll also pair you up with others in your party, that way you’ll all be on the same together – experiencing the same thing at the same time.

Emma in the VR set
Me in the VR set / Photo Credit: FanBolt / Doug Sprinkle

Once the experience starts, you’ll be taken back 4500 years to the era of Pharaoh Khufu. Your journey begins with unraveling ancient secrets and exploring the intricate tombs within the Giza Necropolis. Here, not only the majestic Great Pyramid (which you’ll climb inside) awaits but also the entire complex home to the three Great Pyramids (Fun Fact: People don’t often talk about this – but there are actually 9 pyramids in total on the Giza Plateau).

As the experience unfolds, you will find yourself navigating the tranquil waters of the Nile. You’ll witness the solemn beauty of mummification ceremonies and be a guest at the grand funeral of King Khufu himself, an event that showcases the rich traditions and cultural depth of ancient Egyptian society.

Horizon of Khufu
Horizon of Khufu

Whether you’re exploring the forbidden corridors, discovering the secluded Queen’s Chamber, or deciphering ancient hieroglyphs, each step is an opportunity to uncover history’s veiled tales. Spanning over 10,000 square feet of virtual space, this experience honestly feels like an out of body experience. I’ve described it to several people now, commenting how I felt like a ghost – which was one of the many aspects I loved.

Emma Loggins at the Horizon of Khufu
Me right after we finished the experience (ignore the red marks on my face) / Photo Credit: FanBolt / Doug Sprinkle

My Personal Journey Through Egypt and the Horizon of Khufu

Having traveled to Egypt in 2023, my memories of my trip are still vivid. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t miss it. The climb inside the Great Pyramid was daunting, especially with the temperatures when we were there last May, but it was an incredibly spiritual experience for me.

However, not everyone can travel to Egypt, whether due to financial constraints, health issues, or other personal reasons. And being in the shape you need to be to climb inside the pyramid is a whole other challenge. 

Needless to say, I came into this experience with a skeptical eye. How much detail was actually going to be captured? How accurate would it actually be to what I remembered? Well, I can tell you that the parallels in accuracy are stunning. It felt as if I was transported back to Egypt for 45 amazing minutes, inhaling the history and marveling at the engineering feats of the ancient Egyptians (*cough* aliens *cough*)—only this time, in a controlled, welcoming environment. This VR experience captured every detail so meticulously that anyone, regardless of their ability to travel, could enjoy and understand the sheer awesomeness of the Great Pyramid.

Take a look at the event’s trailer below.

Overall Thoughts

After taking the headset off, it took me about 30 minutes to adjust back to reality. It felt like the real world had suddenly become the Matrix, and I was questioning what was real. But that, in and of itself, spurred some fun conversations over dinner!

My husband and I had so much fun checking out this experience, and we’re planning to go back with family so they can also experience it. To date, more than 1 million visitors have checked out this event worldwide, and this is the first opportunity to experience it here in Atlanta.

In order to bring this whole experience to life, Eclipso, the company behind the project, collaborated with Peter Der Manuelian, a renowned Egyptologist and professor at Harvard University. So while this experience is insanely cool from a technological perspective – it’s also historically accurate with an extra touch of scholarly authenticity.

The experience is designed for history enthusiasts, age 8 and up with a minimum height of 4 feet 6 inches. Children aged from 8 to 17 must be accompanied by an adult. Have more questions? Comment with them below and I’ll reply! And in the meantime, grab your tickets today here!

Fun Fact: Try stepping inside your tour guide on the trip (as weird as that sounds). Everyone has a virtual tour guide that will guide them through the virtual tour. And they’ve actually built out the virtual model in a little more detail than we expected (inside of their mouth and the back of their eye sockets). So, it had us giggling throughout the event.


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