‘Young Woman and the Sea’ Movie Review: An Inspiring Movie that Young Women in America Need Right Now

Young Woman and the Sea

It’s an awkward time right now in the movie industry. Nothing is doing as well as it should at the box office… and everything is heading to on-demand way faster than it should. But there are still a few true gems that are surfacing… and they’re reaching an audience that is crying out for genuine, heartfelt stories. Young Woman and the Sea is one of those movies. It’s 100% worth your time and attention.

Sailing as a beacon of inspiration, Young Woman and the Sea is not only an incredibly inspiring example of motivation and determination, but it’s also a tribute to feminine strength and a universal spark for anyone chasing dreams against tough currents.

Young Woman and the Sea tells the remarkable true story of Trudy Ederle (Daisy Ridley), the first woman to swim the English Channel. Born to immigrant parents in 1905 in New York, Ederle, with the aid of her sister and her trainers, defies the constraints of a male-dominated society to achieve her dreams.

Check out the trailer below.

Young Woman and the Sea Movie Trailer

Young Woman and the Sea Movie Review: What I Liked and Didn’t Like

The film’s heart lies in its portrayal of Trudy Ederle, played with graceful tenacity by Daisy Ridley. Her journey from a sidelined dreamer to a record-setting swimmer is crafted with fitness, which I applaud for a number of reasons… The role avoids clichés and focuses on nuanced human resilience. However, at times, the movie spells out its themes too insistently, slightly undermining the emotional impact with obvious messaging.

The Story

The film provides a compelling story that is both specific in its focus and universal in its appeal. The script beautifully captures the era of the 1920s and delivers a detailed depiction of Trudy’s challenges and successes. From battling societal expectations to overcoming physical limitations, the plot seamlessly weaves these elements in, causing the audience to root for Trudy every stroke of the way.

Young Woman and the Sea
Young Woman and the Sea / Photo Credit: Disney

The Acting

Daisy Ridley delivers an incredible performance here, and one that’s very different from high-profile work (ie. Star Wars). She brings Trudy Ederle to life with vibrancy and depth.

The supporting roles, especially those by Tilda Cobham-Hervey and Kim Bodnia, add rather rich layers to the script, making the personal relationships and conflicts even more engaging. Then there’s Christopher Eccleston, who delivers a solid performance as a character you just can’t stand. This adds a nice tension and presence that contrasts against the other nicer characters.

Overall Thoughts

Young Woman and the Sea is much more than a sports biopic. It’s a well-timed reminder of the power of persistence and passion (especially for females with all that is going on in our country right now…).

When the world feels heavy, this film lifts spirits and encourages the audience to keep swimming, no matter the darkness ahead. While I don’t think it’s going to be big box office success nor is it award-worthy – it’s still a must-watch for its strong performances, inspiring narrative, and powerful and beautiful message, which will resonate deeply with young female movie fans.

Young Woman and the Sea Movie Review

Grade: B+


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