Embrace Your Feelings: Enter Our ‘Inside Out 2’ Contest!

Inside Out 2 Contest

Inside Out 2 is in theaters on June 14, and to celebrate, FanBolt is hosting a giveaway! (And, of course, it’s us, so we had to include a pun in the contest title. You’re welcome ;-))

The little voices inside Riley’s head know her inside and out—but this summer, everything changes when Disney and Pixar’s Inside Out 2 introduces a new Emotion: Anxiety.

Check out the trailer below.

Inside Out 2 Giveaway

We’re giving away (2) Inside Out 2 prize packs (each with a t-shirt and 4 Fandango movie passes to see the film) to celebrate the film’s release! And there are multiple ways you can win!

Inside Out 2 Prize Pack
Inside Out 2 Prize Pack

How to Enter the Inside Out 2 Contest

All you need to do is:

The contest will close on Friday, June 21, and the winner will be notified via email or DM on Instagram (depending on where you enter – see additional ways to enter below).

Additional Ways to Enter the Contest

We’re giving away 1 additional prize pack on Instagram. So enter in both places to increase your odds of winning!

All you have to do is to enter on Instagram:

Good luck!


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  1. I adored the first one and I am looking forward to see what emotions she has in this one since by previews we have several new characters that I am loging on the trailer/happy meal toys collection. Everything disney/Pixar does they seem to know how to get your heart strings and is pure magic and enjoyable.

  2. my 7 y/o daughter is so excited to watch this, and insisted on re-watching Inside Out 1 couple days ago! can’t wait!!

  3. The first one absolutely wrecked me lol I’m ready to be emotionally wrecked again. I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder, so I’m super excited to see how they’ll portray anxiety in Riley’s mind! I know it’s gonna hit close to home. I also love that Maya Hawke does her voice.

  4. I loved the first movie and I want to see the second so I can live my emotions through the movie. I love the new character Anxiety and can relate so much

  5. I would love to win the prize pack so I can see the movie. I saw the original and am looking forward to this sequel. Thanks!