Be Quiet: Enter Our ‘A Quiet Place: Day One’ Contest!

A Quiet Place: Day One Contest

We all watched closely as the Abbott family fought to survive through A Quiet Place. Now, get ready to experience the day where it all started in A Quiet Place: Day One. Don’t miss your chance to experience this thrilling story when it hits theatres on June 28!

To celebrate the film’s release, we’re hosting a giveaway!

Check out the trailer below.

A Quiet Place: Day One Contest

We’re giving away (5) prize packs for A Quiet Place: Day One (each with a t-shirt and (2) Fandango Passes) to celebrate the film’s release! And there are multiple ways you can win!

A Quiet Place: Day One Prizes
A Quiet Place: Day One Prizes

How to Enter A Quiet Place: Day One Contest

All you need to do is:

The contest will close on Tuesday, July 2, and the winner will be notified via email or DM on Instagram (depending on where you enter – see additional ways to enter below).

Additional Ways to Enter the Contest

We’re giving away 2 of our 5 prize packs on Instagram. So enter in both places to increase your odds of winning!

All you have to do is to enter on Instagram:

Good luck!


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  1. This is finally a movie I want to see. I’ve been waiting for a good movie to come into theaters for quite a while and there haven’t been many so I am so looking forward to this. I loved the first two and was so glad there was a movie that brought in sign language since that rarely happens! I know this will be a good one! I think I’ve seen the first one 4 times now and the second one 3 but definitely would watch them again still. I actually just rewatched them a couple days ago to prepare and be fresh for the 3rd one 🙂

  2. I’m looking forward to seeing Krasinki’s third installment of this gripping and well-made horror film series. He really knows how to grab and hold the audience’s attention. Also love the cast that includes spouse, Blunt; Hinsou, N’yongo – and it’s cool to see Joseph Quinn finally get his due. So happy he gets to use his British accent!

  3. Would love to see the third installment of Krasinki’s riveting horror series. Love the cast of spouse, Blunt; Hinsou, N’yongo and Quinn. Great to see Quinn finally get recognition!

  4. Much anticipation to see this prequel as I’ve seen the other two now known as part 2 and 3.
    Haven’t gone yet as I usually wait a week after a films release and now with this contest, I hope to have a win to wear the shirt when I go.
    The mini, one sheet poster will go great next to the full size theater poster of part one that is signed by Emily Blunt and John Krazinsky

  5. This contest came at the right time as I haven’t seen Ouiet Place : Day One upon winning, I can sport this fandom when I do go see it.
    Also the poster will go very nicely by my cast signed full sized , now known as part 2 , movie theater poster.

  6. As I haven’t watched it yet, winning a t-shirt with the fandom to theater would be so sweet.
    I might even frame it next to my cast signed Part 2 full size poster