McGregor To Quit Britain

Actor EWAN McGREGOR has slammed his native Britain for its “ludicrous nanny state” rules – and is threatening to quit the country.

The Star Wars star says the U.K’s health and safety rules are “insane” and blasts the rise of security cameras and London’s congestion charge, which forces drivers to pay to enter the city centre.

McGregor admits his 15,000-mile (24,000-kilometre) motorcycle adventure around Africa with best friend and fellow actor Charley Boorman has changed his opinion of Britain.

He says, “Our trip opened my eyes to how insane the rules are in Britain – CCTV cameras everywhere, congestion charge – a ludicrous nanny state.

“If anything drives me out of the country it will be that – not tax, I don’t earn enough.

“Today, health and safety are out of control. In Africa, garage attendants smoked as they filled the bikes. I took great pleasure in that.”