‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Moving to New York

Most of the next season of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ will be shot in New York City instead of Los Angeles. Here’s what actress Susie Essman (who plays Susie Green) had to say about the move, “They all live in LA. And for seven seasons, I’ve been schlepping out there. Now I get to sleep in my own bed. Let them stay in hotels.”

She added that the season’s plots are, as always, under wraps.

“None of the other actors get to see them ahead of time. They just show up on the set, and they’re told what the scene is, and they just do it. The reason Larry [David] does that is that he doesn’t want anybody lying in bed at night coming up with what they think are funny lines.

“I have not seen any outlines. I just know we’re shooting a bunch in New York. That makes me really happy.”

Production begins in July and the show will then air early next year on HBO.


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