Halloween and the Haunted Swing

Happy Halloween all you FanBolters! 🙂

Hopefully you all have your costumes picked out for the parties tonight. Be sure to drop by the forums here and post your pics and stories from your Halloween adventures!

In the meantime, we have something to get you in the mood for tonight! Check out this swing, it rocks back and forth without being touched. Locals say that the playground is haunted, and the police actually called in physics professors to help explain the mystery. However, not even they could explain what was going on.

The swing resides in the town of Firmat and apparently keep moving continuously for ten days before suddenly stopping.


What do you guys think?


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  1. Emma wrote: I was thinking for awhile maybe it was some sort of weird magnetic field in the earth, but I cant’ figure it out since all the swings are behaving differently.

  2. Chloe wrote: That’s really kind of creepy! A magnetic field would explain it, but usually scientists have records on all that stuff, like where there’s fields and all that.

    Happy Halloween Fanbolt!

  3. BellaBlack wrote: Bizzaro.

    It sounds windy but since only swing is doing that..and the movement is exactly like how someone would swing in it..

    Happy Halloweeny everyone.