Taylor Allowed To Keep Van Gogh Painting

The U.S. Supreme Court has allowed actress ELIZABETH TAYLOR to keep a VINCENT VAN GOGH painting after dismissing an appeal filed by descendants of previous owner MARGARETE MAUTHNER.

The legendary Hollywood actress was sued in 2004 by the South African and Canadian heirs after they claimed Mauthner, a Jewish woman, was forced to sell the painting before escaping Nazi Germany in 1939.

The heirs cited the 1998 Holocaust Victims Redress Act – a U.S. law that requires art sold or forfeited as a result of Nazi policies to be given back to its original owners.

Taylor, 75, submitted evidence that the painting was sold through two Jewish art dealers to a Jewish art collector. Taylor’s father purchased the painting in 1963 at a Sotheby’s auction in London for $184,000 (#92,000).

The painting, View of the Asylum and Chapel at Saint-Remy, is now estimated to be worth tens of millions of dollars.



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