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Hilton Sued For ‘Sealing’ Look

Hilton Sued For ‘Sealing’ Look


PARIS HILTON is being sued by a woman who claims the blonde socialite ‘stole’ her look.

The Simple Life star has been accused of causing “emotional distress” to fellow Californian, Nicolle O’Neill, who fancies herself as an inspiration to the party-loving heiress.

In a bizarre personal injury complaint filed in Los Angeles Superior Court earlier this month (18Oct07), O’Neill alleges that she suffers psychologically because of Hilton and accuses the 26-year-old of ripping off her style, including fashion-related “patens” (sic) and “stiling” (sic) tips.

Two pages of documents spell out specific charges against Hilton, including a claim that she stole O’Neill’s idea to expose her underwear under her trousers.

O’Neill also claims Paris swiped her idea to shop in vintage stores for retro dresses.

Hilton has yet to issue a response to the allegations.



  1. Chloe wrote: I’m sorry but wow, that’s pathetic. If this lady is nuts enough to have such specific records of her “fashion trends”, she needs to go get a life. I can’t believe that she can actually sue for that, it’s almost amusing.

  2. Alexa wrote: LOL ok…

    I guess it’s not just celebrities that are crazy. Seriously, why should this girl bother wasting her time?

  3. Kristen wrote: stupid, stupid, stupid. ITS A FREAKIN LOOK PEOPLE. If she “stole” it you can still wear it thats why they have loads of the same item at the store so someone else can get it too… lol

    The girl sueing will just look like an idiot.


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