Wilson Seeks Comfort In Simpson?

Troubled star OWEN WILSON is seeking solace from his recent suicide bid in JESSICA SIMPSON, according to reports.

The Wedding Crashers star was rushed to hospital after slashing his wrists at his home in Santa Monica, California two months ago (Aug07).

But Owen is recovering from his recent troubles by dating Simpson, according to New York gossip column PageSix.

The publication reports the couple dined at the Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica before retiring to his Malibu home.

A source says, “He couldn’t keep his hands off her.”



  1. Miranda23 wrote: I’m all for him being happy, but is it smart to date a suicidal man? Hopefully he gets back on track and deals with his issues.

  2. Alexa wrote: omg..I didn’t know Owen tried to kill himself! I love the guy! I really do hope everything gets better for him..I don’t know about Jessica and Owen..but if they are happy..

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