Hudgens Demands Lawsuit To Be Dropped

HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL star VANESSA HUDGENS denies she owes her former attorney $150,000 (#300,000) – and demands the lawsuit is dismissed by the courts.

The actress is being sued by Brian Schall over claims he helped her earn more than $5 million (#2.5 million) by advancing her funds for her songwriting and recording career.
The suit claims Hudgens “has paid some, but not all, of the money owed.”

But the 18-year-old denies she owes Schall money and contends the lawsuit against her has no merit, because she was just 16 when signed the contract.

According to website, papers filed by Hudgens’ lawyer Evan N. Spiegel state that California’s Family Code “provides that the contract of a minor is voidable and may be disaffirmed before (age 18) or within a reasonable time afterward.”

A copy of a two-paragraph letter from Hudgens to Schall nullifying their agreement was provided with the court papers along with a copy her birth certificate to prove her age.



  1. Kristen wrote: Well I dont think she should have to pay if HE made the mistake in the first placxe *shrugs* Its dropped so oh well 🙂

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