Gosling Attempted Graffiti Tag War

Actor RYAN GOSLING once tried to start a graffiti feud in his lawless Los
Angeles neighborhood.

The Notebook star lived in the downtown area of the city until recently, and
enjoyed the district’s rough vibe so much, he took to vandalizing local
property with his own graffiti ‘tag’ in order to antagonize other graffiti

He says, “I started tagging. I tried to start a battle. I’d heard if you tag
over someone else’s tag, you declare war.

“So I worked on my tag. Spray paint, stencils – I got down. And when I
thought I was ready, I started tagging over some specific guys (tags).

“Not one of them ever messed with me, man. Because my tag was so pathetic.
Maybe they thought some drunk monkey got loose with a spray can.”



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