Federline Calls For Driving Ban On Spears

KEVIN FEDERLINE has called for his ex-wife BRITNEY SPEARS to be banned from driving while their two sons are in her care.

The dancer made his views known through his lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, during an emergency hearing in Los Angeles on Thursday (08Nov07) to discuss the former couple’s ongoing custody battle.

The plea came just hours after Spears, 26, was spotted splashing out more than $200,000 (#100,000) on a luxury Mercedes-Benz in Van Nuys, California on Wednesday (07Nov07).

Neither Spears nor Federline, 29 – who has been granted custody of their two boys – appeared in court for the last-minute meeting.

Kaplan told L.A. Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon, “We’re asking that she personally shouldn’t be the driver of the children.”

Gordon ruled he was not going to make any modifications to existing custody orders except to emphasize that a drug testing laboratory must be able to reach Spears at a single telephone number.

Kaplan’s request to stop the singer driving the children will be discussed at a 26 November (07) hearing.

This isn’t the first time Spears’ driving has caused her problems. Last month (Oct07), she pleaded not guilty to a misdemeanor charge of driving without a valid driver’s license. She has since obtained a temporary California permit.

She was also accused of a hit and run in August (07), and could face another hit and run charge for accidentally driving over a police officer’s foot.



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