Kidman: I Lost Self-Identity During Marriage to Cruise

NICOLE KIDMAN lost her self-identity during her marriage to TOM CRUISE, because
the superstar couple did so much traveling around.

Kidman, who split from Cruise in 2001, is determined not to make the same
mistake with husband-of-one-year Keith Urban.

She says, “Tom and I, we moved and moved and moved. Your sense of where do I
come from becomes less and less relevant.

“A lot of my life, particularly when I was working so much, it was about
trying to fill in the gaps. Now there’s much more reason to exist in the world
without my identity needing to be through work.

“I have a new niece, I have a new marriage, we just bought an acreage in
Tennessee, which we’re really happy to build a house on and spend some time
doing that.

“I’m just not willing to give up my life with my man anymore.”



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